it must have been the band shirt
the jeans
the skater shoes
the blue eyes
the mouth
the teeth.
it must have been the fucking song on the radio.

boy;; you were a gutted gold mine.

i would have left you for dead
if the car had flipped
two seconds earlier.
we were going 90mphs;
the windows down
the music loud
your hand was on mine;;

it was the incomplete sentences
it was the grass stained jeans
it was the need for the lust.

i should have just turned and ran
and left you in the dust.

i was long gone and lost by evening
with your breath on my ear
laughing at the sidewalk and window reflection;
you called me beautiful at 634am
you never should have opened that goddamnperfectfucking mouth

boy;; right now i could kill you
that voice on my phone
i hate you i hate you i hate you
 if i could believe myself i might be able to convince you

this chemistry is dangerous
and could destroy us both.

i'm guilty of vindictiveness
but you wont be here long enough to face my consequences