Meggy's Song

Drama, Drama,
Lies, and wow!
'She said WHAT?!'
Holy cow!

I remember the things
We used to do!
Orange peels in the library.
Winnie the Pooh.

All parties
Were just 'gatherings',
'Till we showed up there
On the Scene.

Life was fun
Life was great
Till one 'oops'
Us friends did break.

But it's all right.
Past mistakes are dead
And now 'visions of sugar plums
Dance in our heads'!

Moving Along
Looking for the 'new'.
Skye's are clear
And cloudless blue.

We don't need
To read 'Billy Shakespeare'
'Cause everything we need
Is right here.

Hey, I know you want them.
There's my 'digits'.
Give me a call
I miss my 'midget'

Dude, like you are awesome!
I'm totally blessed!
You're just... 'I don't know...
Something amazing, I guess!'

I miss you.
More than words can say.
I gotta believe
This will work out someday.

Yeah, you've changed.
I've changed too.
We're stronger now.
Doing what we need to do.

In the end
I won't mind
If you can't be my friend,
Seriously, it's fine.

As long as you get
I'll be there for you.
If you ever
Need me to.

And 'Angel-girl',
If you ever fall
I'll be beside you
Through it all.

We've weathered this storm.
Through thick and thin,
I'll always call you
My best friend.

I love you always and forever! MWAH Jenny

ps - I love you too Rach, lol!