I can't live without you

The reason why it feels I am dying

Still I can't be with you

No matter how hard I am trying

I don't want to be the one to throw a perfect love away

Still I don't understand how I can go on any other way

My love is far too strong to find someone new

It may seem as if it's overwhelming though it's meant for only you

You are the reason why I open my mouth to speak

Still it hurts when I feel you may not have the same love for me

I never wanted another

I just wanted you to change

God where do I go when I'm still in love with her

For now I feel we are best apart

Though my feelings will always remain the same

There are times when I ask god don't I deserve love?

Questions in which I know the answer to leave me with no response from above

Cause every time I see your face

Every time I look within your eyes

My heart still begins to race

As the thought of us still runs in my mind

My knees begin to lose strength

Still all I know to do is sigh

My heart feels unbearable pain

As my eyes begin to cry

I fear that I'll forever be in love with you

Still I truly don't know what I'm going to do

Cause the tears I cry now don't compare

To the same tears I cried when we were together

All the pain from one whom never showed they care

Friends tell me I can do better

All I want, need, and pray for in this world

Though how can I be with someone whose love is not true

You may not love show you love me but I never changed the way I feel

Your love may have been fiction though my love was always real

I don't know what to do where to go

If you were so in love with me then how come you never let it show?

If you fear love so much

Then I wish I never fell but now it's too late

You could never prove your love

You would rather act on hate

Now I'm stuck in the middle and I don't know what to say

Though God knows letting us end like this is not the choice I want to make

I cry every night that I don't have you in my life

Once the path was clear now I'm losing sight

I have tried to make this work and I though I wasn't alone

These feelings may seem new to you though truly you have already known

I even let you put it all on me

I would have done anything for us to be

I would have given all I won for us to remain

I even forgave you for all the heartbreak and its pain

Still all you could do was look down on me as if I am weak

Though if I am it's your fault

You are the reason for everything in me

Sorry wasn't enough the apologies didn't mean a thing

You still did me wrong and the love you spoke of you didn't mean

I know all of this

None of it is new

Still I never denied my love for you

And gave to you all of me

Did me so wrong

Now I wonder if this you would ever see

Still through all this I'm so in love with her

I can't be without her even through all that has occurred

Time has passed by and still we can't find our way home

Understand that if I cant have her than I would rather be left alone

Yes she does me wrong

Yes she causes me pain

Still I love her

And I pray that one day she will really feel the same

Until that day comes I will wait for her and I to reunite

All because she is my world that spills out my life

They say she doesn't deserve someone like me

They say I need to move on

Though they are all wrong

Because my love for her is incredibly strong

It may be up to her to allow love in her heart

Though if fate has its way then we will never be apart

Still it hurts cause I need her now by my side

If only she could spit out the truth and swallow her pride

I'm hurting constantly

I'm dying slowly

I'm in love unconditionally

I'm crying out uncontrollably

Now is where I can see the storm

The rain begins to pour

The clouds begin to form

Apart from my love I am Torn