OK,I know this is some bad poetry or whatever, but i feel writing is the best way to express how i feel. I can't deal with emotions very well and if i dont get them out somehow its just bad.

For My Dad


Why, Dad?

How can you say you love me

And turn around and be so cold?

The things you do

The words you say

Do you know what I feel?

You see me crying there

And you do nothing.

Stand there silently

With a cold, hard look on your face.

How can you be this way?

Did you ever love me?

If so, then why?

Why did you leave me and mom?

Why did you vanish for so long?

Why do you do things that hurt me so?

Will you ever understand

How I feel inside?

Or are you blind?

Or do you just not care?

I was your little girl once, Dad

Remember that?

But no more, you can't control me

And it pisses you off.

Face it, dad,

You'll never be able to control me again.

Everything you've done,

Everything you've said,

Has made me into the person I am today

A person not afraid to tell you the truth

of what I think of you.

And you turn around

And ask why I am this way

I have you to thank, dad.

Congratulations to you.