o.h. t.h.e.r.e. s.h.e. i.s.

Your perfect little Barbie doll

Her blonde hair

Her blue eyes

Her hourglass figure

Her flawless skin

And aren't you just her Ken?

Her HA HA HA high pitched



Buy me this

Oooooh look buy me that

You don't love me because you won't spoil me

LIKE OMG OMG OMG where you looking at her?

Look at how fat I am!

Hunny do you love me? Because I don't think you do

Your perfect girl

Your perfect Barbie doll girl




And I'm almost sorry I'm not her




Then again, I don't want to be

I want to be me




A/n: I really am fucking sick of these preppy barbie doll people, what ever happened to falling in love based on things that really matter and what ever happened to treating everyone as equal people not based on looks? I am so thankful I have found a guy who isn't like this but still...well tell me what you think, hope you liked!