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Darkness Rising

Chapter 1

The quiet darkness hung overhead like a thick fog. Everything it touched turned grey and lifeless. Plants wilted, animals died, and left humans immobile. Nothing was left unscathed by this power that had touched them.

Lying in the street, in a seemingly deserted city, were three young women. Two were unconscious on the ground while the third was tied tightly in rope. The green haired woman of the group groaned hoarsely before forcing her eyes open. Struggling into a sitting position Kell looked at her surroundings.

Everything looked the same, except for the obvious gloom that seemed to seep from every pore, since the time they had been knocked unconscious by that guy. Kell gasped, that guy! Where was he? She swore silently to herself that when she gets her hands on him there was going to be hell to pay. Today just wasn't Kell's day.

A light moan caught Kell's attention and drew her away from her murderous thoughts. Sam the Artist, a.k.a Sammy, sat up and rubbed a rather nasty looking bruise that was slowly starting to appear on her cheek, only to wince once she touched it.

"Whatthefrigginjusthappened?" Sammy slurred while shaking her head to clear it.

Kell shrugged before struggling to her feet and snapped, "How would I know?"

"No need to be snappy, yeesh." Sammy muttered while rolling her eyes.

"What power," a weak voice rasped. Thia's voice to be exact. The brunette rose upon her knees, her arms still tied behind her back. "I've never felt so much dark energy before. It's still in the air too. Hanging over us like a black cloud…"

"How poetic of you," Kell drawled sarcastically.

Thia ignored Kell and continued, "It seems as if particles composed of dark matter have fused with the air molecules. And it seems to be growing. If it's not stopped then…"

Sammy chewed on her bottom lip, a bad habit she really needs to stop. "Once the air is filled with darkness then it'll start fusing with everything else." She looked gravely at Kell and Thia in turn before asking, "What are we going to do?"

"Obviously beat the living snot out of the capped man. Everything goes back to normal. The End." Kell answered as if they were all stupid. She was starting to get on everyone's nerves.

"We have to find him first numbskull" Sammy snapped at Kell, ready to push her into a manhole if provoked any farther.

Kell opened her mouth to retort back, but Thia stopped her, ending the argument. Wait, Thia ending an argument? That can't be right. "We should return to Sammy's lair. We need more information. And since the lair's so old and big there has got be something that we could use to help us.

Sammy and Kell just nodded and untied Thia before limping back to Sammy's lair through the air tainted thickly with dark matter.

A shadow flickered in a corner before disappearing.