Chapter 11

"We're screwed."

"Thank you for stating the obvious, Kell" Master snapped. His ninja techniques weren't going to help him out this one, especially since he had to find a way to bring Kell to safety as well… though as tempting as it was to leave her here, he knew Sammy wouldn't be happy.

Kell squealed as a rather pointy rock fell from the ceiling and landed near her feet. Already most of the exit was blacked off while rubble continued to fall steadily. Biting her kip, Kell realised that this was the end of their journey. Time to face the music and come to terms with it, there was nothing that she or Master could do. Resolve set in, she knew for certain though, once she and Master found Sammy things would be different. Everything went downhill after she separated herself from the pirate-lass and Thia. She wasn't going to make that mistake again, and next time she would be prepared and she was going to kick serious butt! No one, and she meant no one, got away with what Sal did. And killing Sammy was the lowest of lows.

Just at glancing at Kell, Master could tell that Kell had given up. Sighing, Master willed himself to calm. There was no point in getting all worked up and angry. He could save the rage and let it out on the one who deserved it, namely: Sal.

Backing up, Master held on to Kell's arm, for once she didn't resist. Backed against the wall, they waited for the inevitable end.

It was silent. Completely, utterly and entirely silent. Al had awakened, the odd power of the in-between space speeding up the healing process. Thia had soon got her bearings and was now just swaying back in forth, lost in her thoughts.

Sammy was confused, apprehension twisted in her stomach, making her queasy. She had thought she was in tune with everything in Sammytopia, that she knew all of its secrets. Unlike many worlds, she didn't fight the darkness in her world. She knew that there had to be a balance for everything to coexist. Yet, something had gone wrong and someone harnessed the darkness for them self, but for what purpose, Sammy could only guess. The people she brought to Sammytopia she trusted, even though some, okay most, if she was brutally honest with herself, were villains. For all she knew they were content in Sammytopia, and knew not to mess with her. They could leave whenever they wished; she never kept anyone here against their free will, so she ruled out revenge.

So that left power. Sammytopia did have many secrets, and apparently the ones she didn't know were the ones that she should since if she did know about them then she wouldn't be in this mess. Bleh, no use crying over spilt milk, everything happens for a reason. Just keep telling that to yourself, toots. Admit it, you've screwed everything up.

"It's not your fault, if anything it's mine." Al's voice calmed Sammy, she had forgotten that Sal probably knew a lot more then she did.

"But, if I'd-"

"No. You couldn't have known any of this would happen." His eyes softened. "I, on the other hand…"

She floated over to Al and wrapped her arms around him, not asking in words to explain.

"It started months ago. I chanced at seeing the man in black one afternoon. Curiosity lured me to follow him. After trailing him inside one of the mountains until a dead end, and the power he displayed there, I knew something he couldn't mean anything but trouble."

At Al's pause, Sammy asked a question. "Who is this 'he'?"

Al shook his head, "I'm getting to that, sweet."

Sweet? Did Al just call me sweet? Al chose to ignore Sammy's surprised look, he hadn't meant to call her that endearment. He mentally berated himself for that, now was not the time.

"After he disappeared there was a symbol on the wall. The carving chilled me to my bones and left me with nothing but the feeling of dread. I quickly left the mountain to research for information. I searched every corner of the land looking for anything to help me understand what was coming; only I was too late."

He looked away, unable to meet Sammy's eyes. "I should have told you everything from the beginning. I… I just wanted to…"

"It's ok, Al. I understand."

"There's more. When I saw you for that time, I had known what was going to happen. I knew that everything was going to happen, and soon and yet…" He trailed off but quickly started again. "I went to that library of yours; for once it actually allowed me to find it." He smiled weakly at that. The basement library didn't practically like Al and tried it's best to make things difficult for him.

"The man was waiting for me there; he spoke of he wouldn't let me poke around and how it the end for me. He then lowered his hood." Here he paused, trying to get his thoughts in order. "I don't quite understand how… but he had my face, my voice… This doppelganger held power like I never seen. I don't even know if you could have stood a chance…" He blinked at the face that Sammy was making. "Sammy?"

"It was Gluteus all along?!" Gah! That jerk Sal was behind everything? But how?! He's just a… person thingie that appeared from out of nowhere causing trouble. Well, duh, stupid. Appeared from nowhere? She certainly never made him, and she never summoned him from any other world. He just appeared in the service of Master one day and that was it. Why didn't she think that it was suspicious in the first place!

Al blinked at that, "Gluteus…?"

Sammy nodded, "Yeah, Gluteus Maximus a.k.a Sal. He just appeared from out of nowhere one day. He is nearly a perfect clone of you for some reason that is beyond me."

"And you didn't think that was odd?" He raised an eyebrow at Sammy while she rolled her eyes.

"I thought he was you at first. You had been gone for a long time and suddenly I see this guy who could be your twin. What was I supposed to think?"

Al was silent at that.

"See?" Sammy nodded to herself, now things were shaping out. Sal came to Sammytopia from somewhere or anything to conquer it. He kicked out everyone that could bring an end to his plan. Now, just where is Kell and Master?

Two shouts rang from around them.

Thia was shocked out of her trance/sleep thing and flailed in surprise at the two bodies that had fallen from above.

Speak of the devil.

Kell and Master were floating in a tangle of limbs. Kell was kicking and flailing helping none her situation. Master's robe was a lovely shade of brown. Sammy wondered what on earth happened to those two. She sighed, it looked like Sal had won the battle, but he certainly hadn't won the war.


Yep, the end. Muahahahaha. Ok, not really the end I am currently writing a sequel that makes just as much sense... or less. It's going to take a while to finish, so don't wait for it, it will come around eventually.

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