(Lights go up on hospital room. ANDY and BENSON are standing on either sides of the bed.)

ANDY: Are you threatening me?

BENSON: (trying to placate him, but still with an edge) No, no. All I'm saying is, if you look at this guy and tell me that's the man you saw - like we both know it is - then you can walk out that door without having to worry about getting any more calls from us. And, judging by how nervous you were back in that interview, that's the best option for everyone. Come on.

ANDY: I just . .

BENSON: You know it's right.


BENSON: How did you know him? The dealer?

ANDY: What?

BENSON: Don't play games. How did you know the dealer?

ANDY: A friend.

BENSON: What friend?

ANDY: Just a friend!

BENSON: A friend from the gangs? (pause) Am I right?

ANDY: No . .

BENSON: Are you lying to me? You don't want to do that.

ANDY: I'm not lying! I'm not a part of that!

BENSON: It wasn't your first time, was it? It wasn't your first time meeting that dealer!

ANDY: It was! It was . . it, it was . .

BENSON: Maybe that's where I know your face from. Maybe I've seen your mug shot!


BENSON: (gesturing towards JOHN) Tell me!

(The door opens. DR VICKER enters. He sees BENSON first, then ANDY. He stares, shocked.)

BENSON: Dr Vicker. I was just finishing with this witness. (He straightens his tie.) Come to the station when you're ready to talk. I'll be waiting. (He leaves. ANDY turns and, for the first time, sees DR VICKER. He is surprised. Pause)

ANDY: Dad . . . (He looks, speechless, from the bed to his father.) What are you . . you're his . . I . .

(DR VICKER slowly shakes his head, then holds out his arms. They embrace.)

DR VICKER: Andrew . .

ANDY: I'm sorry . .

DR VICKER: I don't care. It doesn't matter. It never mattered. You're here.

(They draw apart. They look at each other, then, slowly, they turn to face JOHN, who is in between them.)

ANDY: (close to tears) Dad . .

DR VICKER: You were a witness.

ANDY: (shaking his head) Dad, I . .

DR VICKER: And innocent bystander.

ANDY: No . .please I . .

DR VICKER: Tell me you didn't do it.

(ANDY looks him in the eye, but breaks down and holds his head in his hands. DR VICKER stands, staring into space. Eventually he sits. ANDREW slowly takes off his hat and starts wringing it in his hands.)

ANDY: I didn't . . I didn't meant for it. I didn't, I swear. After . . last time I didn't know where to go. I just didn't know. And . . these guys, this . . this gang of guys, they . . well, they helped me out. Didn't ask me to do much in return, just small things. But then one day they . . they told me I had to meet with some kid, told me to be there at sunset. Armed. (He stares into space) Told me . . all kinds of things. (Looks back at his dad) I said I didn't want to. I said. But they . . (He is subconsciously clutching at his arm, biting his lip. He shakes his head.) I was scared. So I went and . . (breaking down) . . he was just a kid. He was a kid. (Pause as he sobs) And they're gonna get me, dad. I know it. They're gonna get me this time.

DR VICKER: They're not.

ANDY: They're gonna get me . .

DR VICKER: They're not! (ANDY looks at him) I won't let them! You think I'm going to let anybody take my son from me?

ANDY: But that inspector . .

DR VICKER: The inspector wants this man to be guilty! (ANDY glances at JOHN) You saw him at the crime scene, didn't you? He picked up the knife and they . .

ANDY: Don't! Don't say it. He's like this 'cause of me!

DR VICKER: (quietly) And it's a good thing. (ANDY stares at him, shocked) They think he did it. And as long as he's like this he can't tell them otherwise.

ANDY: But . . he'll come to, eventually, and . .

DR VICKER: Not necessarily. The test results . . if . . if enough damage has been done, if . . if I say enough damage has been done . .

ANDY: They'll check, Dad!

DR VICKER: I don't really think Paul Benson is going to care enough to . .

ANDY: What?


ANDY: What did you say his first name was?

DR VICKER: (confused) Paul. I don't really see how that . .

(The door opens. BENSON walks in)

BENSON: Sorry, forgot my . . (sees ANDY, who is looking at him in shock) What are you still doing here? (He shrugs, picks up his folder and looks at them both, suspiciously. He goes to leave, but turns around at the last moment to address DR VICKER) How are those test results coming along?

DR VICKER: Oh . . they're going wonderfully.

(BENSON nods and exits. DR VICKER turns back to ANDY.)

ANDY: (to himself) Paul . .

(The lights flicker, the screen is fizzing, we hear JOHN scream 'No! You've made a mistake!' Then there's a crackle and a murmurmed voice as the screen comes on to JOHN's p.o.v of a bedroom scene. CATHERINE is sitting at a mirror, putting on make-up. She is speaking, but her voice is fuzzy. It slowly gets clearer.)

CATHERINE: . . invited.

JOHN: Sorry, darling, what?

CATHERINE: Oh, nothing. I just hope Paul's not invited.

JOHN: Who's he then? Someone I should worry about?

CATHERINE: God, no, we were at law school together. Not cut out for it, left in his second year.

JOHN: Wouldn't it be interesting to see him again?

CATHERINE: He might still hate me. I persuaded him to leave. Anyway - (she gets up and turns around) How do I look?

JOHN: Beautiful.

CATHERINE: (she smiles) I'll be back this evening.

JOHN: I'll look forward to it. (She smiles, picks up her bag and turns to go.) Oh, and watch out for the Paul fellow, if he still has a grudge.

CATHERINE: God, yeah, he might gun me down. Love you.

JOHN: You too.

(Over their last few lines the screen starts crackling, until it is dark and again we hear JOHN calling out 'Please! Please!'. The screen becomes clearer and we see a police officer, gun pointing at us, and another speaking into a walkie-talkie. A squad car pulls up. The men inside it get out hurriedly, BENSON among them. He runs out, gun raised, hand shaking. JOHN takes a few steps forward, BENSON's gun jerks and there is a gunshot and someone shouts 'Paul!'. The screen is fuzzy.)