Blistered Euphoria
By: Bleached Roses

Note: Trust is a fragile creature.. & I broke it

T o n i g h t ,
I made a wish as
the stars in your eyes

But Darling, we both know that ((my)) wishes never come true.

Torn from the tongues are the words from our souls -- the essence of life or the bringer of death, one-in-the-same or none at all. I inhaled the sound of your voice -&- escaped from this reality :: but never really heard those caring words you once said. You were the key to my heart, but I was the chains on yours, binding&restraining -&- b-r-e-a-k-i-n-g those wings which you used to fly.

The last words you heard me say were
good night
but there is nothing good about

I left you with rings under your eyes, instead of your fingers, -&- the pieces of a heart that was never really whole. Many say that love is blind, -&- now you can finally see..that I was never what you wanted me to be. So lovely, witness the lie we have created through our actions&words, this masquerade of elaborate masks or costumes :: ((but we are only fooling ourselves)).