you could

you could say that i bleed for all the wrong reasons
but who are you to judge the girl who wants so much
for this to stop? (because you just don't see everything
that i've been doing for you - i'm still not perfect for you.)
and i live under tainted flesh and in acid memories forever
carved into my skin (just to make things better). you don't
even know the first of everything you (are still) put(ting) me
through (in order to bring the blade to already scarred skin).

you could listen (/read) every word i (try to) say but i don't
think you would understand because there aren't enough
words/emotions to show the pain, the hurt, the simple
sting of the (/your) livid silence i'm forced to live with.

you could have been there all the times that i needed you
but you (seem to have) barricaded yourself (from me) in
a wall that i couldn't even begin to try to break down.

June 5, 2006