Home Sweet Home

The scene of me leaving New York was one of lots of tears and a rather embarrassing slip that almost landed me face first on the ground, if it had not been for Mr. Robert's catching me. On the plane ride home, Greg and I did our homework.

It was ten when we finally got to Greg's car. I was so tired, I slept most of the car ride home. I woke when we were a block from my house.

"Hey, Greg," I said when he pulled into my house. "I'm sorry if I was an embarrassment to you this whole weekend."

"Embarrassment?" Greg asked. "You weren't near one. You sure made quite an impression, but not in any bad way." He leaned forward and kissed me. He smiled as I crawled from the car.

"See you tomorrow," I said.

I'm not sure how long after I hit my bed it was before I fell asleep, but it wasn't more than a full second.

The next morning, I realized that I hadn't changed the fashion. I dug through my clothes, looking for something, anything. Emily had given me an idea, but due to the time, I would have to wait until next week. Instead, I found something that was so close to my current fashion, it would hardly make a difference.

Fishnets over colored tights. And I knew Anna, Beth, and Dani all had the ability to do that as well. I jumped on the phone to tell them as I pulled on my clothing, choosing light blue tights and white fishnets. Screw an article, I yelled for my mom as I fixed my hair and make-up.

"Hello, Cara," Mom said walking into my room wrapped in her bathrobe. "It's so nice to see you home again. Don't worry; I entertained myself plenty while you were gone." How sarcastic can a grown woman be?

I tossed her my digital camera. "Take a picture please," I said and I put on a smile and tried to look away. My mom rolled her eyes, but obliged.

Within five minutes, I had loaded the pics onto the fashion page and then dashed out the door, seeing as I was already late.

Dani was wearing rainbow tights and yellow fishnets over them. Don't ask me where anyone gets rainbow tights from, or why Dani had a pair. Beth, staying true to her love of pink, was wearing back tights and pink fishnets. Finally, Anna had red tights and blue fishnets. All the colors looked amazing, and I was loving it.

When we got out of my car, the other girls just stared. They were all annoyed that Anna, Beth, and Dani knew my fashion but they didn't. Rica Bratman especially. God, she might be a stalker clone, but that doesn't mean she's on my priority list. In fact, about the only other two girls in school who had the fashion were Suzy, and her best friend.

"Cara," I heard Tina shout my name.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Why the hell did you punch Jo?"

"She called me a crazy bitch slave driver and insulted my friends," I said with a smile. "Would you like me to punch you as well? It wouldn't be any trouble."

Tina narrowed her eyes at me.

"Next time you try to pick a fight, make sure you can back yourself up," I said before turning into homeroom. Greg was already in his seat. I ran up to him and sat on his lap.

"Hey, Babe," Greg said after planting a kiss on my nose. "Sleep alright?"

"Perfectly fine," I said. "Tell these losers what they missed." I motioned to my three best friends.

Greg laughed. "You mean aside from you getting completely wast…" I clamped my hand over Greg's mouth.

"The exciting stuff," I clarified.

"Cara took out the daughter of a publishing company's main editor," Greg said. "Managed to get on the good side of the cruelest, most vengeful girl in New York, and slapped a guy who Angelina Jolie would strip for."

"I guess you had an exciting weekend," Beth said.

"Just imagine what will happen when you're there for a whole week in December," Anna said.

"Why are you going there in December?" Dani asked, concerned. I clearly wasn't going to miss a whole week of school, and Dani's birthday is the first day of break.

"Don't worry," I said. "I'm not leaving until the 24th. My dad's getting married the day after Christmas."

"Oh," Beth said. "You must congratulate him for me."

"Him?" I asked. "How about me? I not only made peace with her, but she's a fashion designer. Hello, can you say boost into my wanted career."

"And when you're famous, you can get me a deal at a publishing company," Dani said.

"And I'll become famous in my own way," Anna said.

The three of us looked at Beth. "I don't want to be famous," Beth said. "Unless I'm a famous doctor for saving so many lives."

"Boring!" Dani yelled.

We all began to laugh. I saw a few tears in eyes, including my own from laughing so hard. Yes, life is good.

Cara survived a weekend in New York, and Anna had a few life changing experiences of her own. Stay on the look out for the next story in the series, Popular: In the Spotlight. Dani finally gets her license, and a special gift from her parents, but something is her life still isn't right. Anna and Billy seem to be breaking apart causing Anna to do something that gets her in trouble. And Cara, after helping Dani with a perfect party, is off to New York for her dad's wedding, and the most exciting week of her life, but will Greg be occupied the whole time with his friends?

I'm moving into college on Thursday, so I won't be posting the first chapter until I get my computer hooked up to the Internet, which might not be until Saturday or so.