Bored as a Jelly Bean

It must be a boring life,
To be a jelly bean.
You just sit and wait around,
Hoping you're not seen.

You just wait to be eaten.
Chomped up with jagged teeth,
The torture of digestion,
You'll find out what's beneath.

And if you're very lucky,
You'll be dropped on the floor,
Hopefully, they won't think,
You're clean anymore.

They'll sweep you in the trash can,
You'll be with dead rotting fish,
And you'll sit there forever,
Until you're dead, you wish.

Then the trash men take you,
Right out to the dump.
They'll pour you in a pile,
Along with worthless junk.

Even then you might be,
Eaten there by dogs,
Or homeless, foodless, men,
Who try to live in logs.

If you suffer such a fate,
You might wish to be,
Back into the bag with friends,
Boring as it may seem.

So if you're ever bored in class,
(Especially if you're the dean),
Just remember at least you're not,
As bored as a jelly bean.

A/N- I'd like to thank Rebecca for coming up with this little phrase, and Miss Mulcahy, Mrs. Wheeler, and Mrs. Baker, for inspiring me to write this because at one time I was supposedly "as bored as a jelly bean" in their class.

This is going to be a series, including "It must be fun to be a Frisby" once I make it. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!