you are the simple grandeur of a perfect moment;
you are the beauty of a child in a blanket,
calm, parented, warm.
you are quiet and innately felt
like birth, like oxygen.

you are the empty death of a teenager-
you are irreverent,
you are lost purpose, swallowed by the ground
like a car crashing into a canyon.
you are lost love.

you are short tempered.
you are dark windows, eyes to the soul.
you are words and you end sentences
with funerals,
you seal lives with punctuation.
you are a filled grave,

you are headstones, train tracks, lightning, laughter
you are the seats in a cinema,
you are floor length bedroom curtains.
you are dialects, you are confusion
you are two-egg twins and siamese identities.

you are blue eyes and green grass
you are seas and lands.
you are smiles
and you are aching hearts.
you are lust, you are satin sheets.

you are waves on my shore
you are the lake in my heart
you are the light in my head-

overwhelming and bright.

the best thing about writing a cliche is the complete freedom it gives : you can do anything you want because everyone already knows how it goes.