Lost In A Stare 5-11-06

That glare,

It's a maze,

Making thoughts fade,

Peering into me deeply,

Reading my very soul,

I want to look away,

But I fond there was no way,

I see the eyes,

I see the soul,

Those eyes I do not know,

Thoughts flutter,

Then a shutter,

Thought disappear,

But I feel no fear,

The gaze was shocking,

But soft and warming,

And yet firm and cooling,

A hawk's don't even compare,

Wow what a stare,

5 seconds later,

Bam Fwump,

Oh man what a bump,

Hey a wall,

Now I sit where I fall,

Woo what happened?

Was it even real at all?

No it was real


Will I really ever know?

…Will I ever know…