Switched Places

By:Andrew Troy Keller

My name is Jonathan Blalock,one of the sons

Of CEO of the family company,Jefferson

Blalock and the most miserable man on Earth,

Because I want something that's worth

More than a million-dollar foundation.

That thing happens to be my own life and

I was unable to gain before a grand-

Looking named Scott Moore walked into

My office to look for work to do

And gave me an idea that's not so bland.

After we switched places,I had gone to

Scott's home,where a girl named Sue

Looked at me with her lovely eyes and

Told me that she loves me and that the band

Doesn't want to see us be so blue.

Meanwhile,at the Blalock mansion,

Scott had fallen in love with Allison

Van Dyke,who's working for my family

Company as long as I could see.