claw at my throat from the inside
bang on my head with my hands
profound feelings make my hands tremble
stomach is upset and I think you can hear
the beating of my heart as if it's an innocent man
trapped in prison
feet are cold like ice and snow
my body is breathing in tempo to the sound of my feelings

i cannot say
i fell in l o v e
but the evidence claims
something suspicious

over heated and flushed my skin is white like paper
grind my teeth and clench my jaw
(you know this feeling – why can't you sympathize?)
cannot sit still and my mind is twitching
a shuffling of the air rushing through my lungs
a sign me that i'm n.o.t in pain

i cannot believe
i would be so stupid
but i know otherwise in my
(nonexistant) heart

(want need need want)
is a
.heavenunb r o k e n.