There for You - Property of Flyleaf

Sometimes I'm selfish fake,
You're always a true friend.
I don't deserve you
'Cause I'm not there for you,
Oh how I wish I would be.

I wanna be there for you,
And be, someone you can come to.

Swirling shades of blue,
Slow dancing in your sky.
The sun kisses the earth
And I hush my urge to cry.

'Cause I hear the whispered words,
Within, your masterpiece beautiful.
You speak the unspeakable through.

I love you, too.

I wanna be there for you,
And be, someone you can come to.
The love, runs deeper than my bones,
And you, are beautiful don't you know...

Wishes or Dreams (Take Your Pick) - Rewritten lyrics, Property of Hitsumei

Softly breathe across my cheek,
Whisper desperately.
Loving and losing but still we keep trying,
But never flying free.

Cry out, I need you so,
Just please, please don't be letting go.

Raining tears of fear,
Crying your heart's desires.
Wistful winds carry,
My messages all the while.

All I want is to hold you,
To take, your hands and whisper "I do,"
To hide you from all that is cruel.

Please stay true.

Just need to be close to you,
Afraid, that you'll find somebody new.
Hoping, our time will be sometime soon,
So you, can see that I love you too...