Name of story: A Mild Case of Philophobia

Status: In Progress. Already posted first chapter.

We don't even make it completely to my room before he pushes me up against the door to my room. His lips mashed hard into mine, and his tongue sometimes snaking into my mouth. I could feel his erection through his tight jeans as he ground against me, giving me a forceful kiss. I kissed back, with an intent that I hadn't felt for nearly a year, wrapping my arms around his shoulders, all the while noticing his magnificent back muscles.

I smile wryly at his impatience and he smiles back, only feeling me smile through my lips. I break apart from him and fumble for my key, unlocking the door and pulling him by his shirt into my room. As we move towards my very barren mattress (my bed sheets and stuff hadn't been unpacked yet) we trip over a box and I end up on top of him on the floor, both of us in a fit of giggles from the situation. I whisper a quick apology to him and he responds by working impatiently at my shirt buttons, till all of them were unbuttoned and he pulls the shirt off my shoulders. He leans upwards and kisses my neck, sucking on it gently and causing me to moan. He places one hand on my chest and pushes against it, causing me to lean backwards as he kissed his way downwards, nibbling on my nipples – which causes me to moan loudly. I push him back down onto the floor and close in onto him and kiss him gently – a type of gentle kiss that I had not felt for so long.

It was liberating. But at the same time, it also made me miss the boy from high school.

God I'm so screwed up.

I push him a little away and look at him in the eyes. His eyes were green, but they were light green, not the emerald green that my heart had fallen for long ago. His hair was brown, but they weren't the dirty blonde hair that I had run my hands through so often. And suddenly, I just couldn't do it anymore. I get off him and go and sit on my bed.

He looks at me, confused. "Um..."

I put my head into my hands, breathing in deeply, and then look up at him.

It is up:) And I'm working on it!