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Forbidden Fruit

Chapter Seventeen-…Lives Are Lost

(Night's POV)

"Sam!" I screamed and struggled against Lucifer. His sword blocked my view and the intense heat from it burnt my face. I heard an ear splitting scream and tears flowed without warning.



"Pesky angels!" Lucifer growled and I pushed him off me. I saw Michael with his back to me, struggling to stand; he had taken the hit for Sam. I leapt to my feet and ran over, catching him as he buckled.

"Michael…I…Why?" I asked him while holding his body close to mine.

"It was our Lords wish." He explained with a small smile. "He has changed mind, he wants Sam to live."

"So he sacrifices an angel to do so?" I growled. He managed a laugh and rested his hand on my shoulder.

"You have to take a life of one to make life for another."

"It doesn't have to be you…I'll destroy Lucifer!"

"Don't you think it'd hurt him more if you didn't?" He smiled again and called to Gabriel who didn't respond. "God says he will forgive you…if…if…you do your…p-part." He took his last breath and closed his eyes.

"Michael...Michael!?" I took a deep breath and laid him down. I could hear Lucifer laughing in the background and it made my blood boil.

"Night…" Sam said softly, I almost didn't hear him. I stood and walked over to him, cupping his cheek in my hand. He looked so scared but he tried to put on a brave face, I laughed at his attempt and gently kissed him. It didn't feel the same but I loved it.

"I'll set you free as soon as I'm done with this asshole." I told him when I pulled away.

He nodded. "Good luck…"

I reluctantly stepped away from him and turned my head to Gabriel. "I hope you heard what Michael said." I almost snapped. "I suggest you make up your mind before He changes his mind again."

"Are you done?" Lucifer asked with a yawn. "I haven't finished with you yet."

"Bring it!" I dared. He grinned and raised his hand, the place started to shake and the stalactites above us rocked until they cracked. They rained down on us and I had to leap out of the way. Gabriel didn't want to move, or didn't know he was suppose to move, I had to dive for him and push him out of the way, a stalactite just skimming my leg. "Snap out of it Gab'!" I rolled us out of the way of another stalactite and punched him. "Gabriel!"

"Ow!" He rubbed his cheek.

"Welcome back." I said sarcastically and rolled off him. "Are you going to help me or not?"

"Of course." He nodded. "What do you want me to do?"

"Undo what you did! Take Sam back to his body." He nodded and we both rose to our feet. I dashed over to Lucifer and tackled him to the ground while Gabriel set Sam free. I heard Sam call out my name. "Just go!" I shouted back. Lucifer threw me off and I rolled to a stop just by the lava pool, he threw a fireball at the pair but they disappeared before it hit.

"I guess it's just me and you now, Night." He turned to me with a grin and strolled over to me. I was on my hands and knees when he stopped in front of me. "Bowing down are we?"

"You fucking wish."

He frowned and kicked me so hard I flew up and hit the top; he flew after me, grabbed my arm and spun me around before letting go. I soared through the air and hit a wall; Lucifer grabbed me by the neck and floated up, dangling me over the lava pool. "Using the Arch Sword took it out of you didn't it, Night?" He squeezed my neck, making me cry out. "And now there's no one here to help you." He kept squeezing, the entire underworld began to spin. I saw one last sinister smirk as he released me and let me fall to the pool below me. I closed my eyes, my energy was gone, I couldn't even move my wings and everything was going dark. I suddenly came to a halt and opened my eyes, surprised by who was there.


"Hello Night." He smiled down at me, like nothing had ever happened. I heard Lucifer growl above us but we ignored him, we kept our eyes fixed on each other.

"Gabriel…Sam, where is he?"

"He's safe." He kept his trademark smile on. "I want to apologize for the trouble I've caused you both; I let my selfishness cloud my judgment. Can you forgive me?" I gave him a nod and he gently kissed me on the forehead. I could energy flowing through me, my wounds healed and I felt refreshed.

"NO!" Lucifer screamed and threw a huge fire ball at us, the size of a large boulder, it was big enough to wipe us both out.

"May God forgive me…" Gabriel muttered.

"Gabriel?" I gave him a questionable look; he grabbed my arm and swung me around once.

"Goodbye Night." He released my arm and I watched helplessly as Lucifer's attack struck him and forced him down with it. I hit the ground with a thud and rolled to a stop. I sat up just as the ball hit the lava pool and disappear, Gabriel went with it.

"At least I got one of you." Lucifer laughed. "I killed two Arch angels in one day; this must be my lucky day!"

My blood boiled and I rose to my feet, creating the Arch Sword in my right hand and dashing up to Lucifer. He was so busy gloating that he didn't see me until the last second; I slashed his right side as I flew past him and turned. "Your luck just ran out!" I kicked him and he fell. I thought he would land in the pool but he somehow redirected himself and landed on the ground. I flew down after him and stood over him, my blade hovering above his chest and I brought it up ready to plunge it into his chest.

"Don't you think it'd hurt him more if you didn't?" Michael's voice rang in my head.

"Yeah…it probably would…" I stepped over him and walked away.

"What are you doing!?" He called. "Why aren't you finishing me off!?"

"You're beaten." I called back. "And I know how much your pride will hurt to know you were beaten by the black sheep of the family."

A light shone down and I stepped into it, letting it pull me up to the heavens. Lucifer let out an earth splitting roar and I smiled to myself, but it didn't last long when I thought of Gabriel. It's funny…I never thought I'd miss him, but then again I never thought he'd die…ever. I lowered my head a little and my hair fell over my eyes. When I reached the gates Peter was there, he didn't say anything but I knew he knew what had happened and he muttered a prayer for Gabriel. I continued up the path to the golden building, everyone stopped to stare at me, they all knew what had happened and they all prayed. I entered the building and walked up to Gabriel's office and when I opened the door Sam jumped into my arms, I buried my face in his neck and wrapped my arms around him.

"I'm sorry Night…" He whispered. That's all it took, just for someone to say sorry and I was in tears. Sam held me until I calmed and we returned home, Jen was there to greet us and somehow knew something bad had happened, but she didn't say anything.

Everything returned to normal...well…almost everything. I stayed on Earth, Sam moved in permanently and Jen returned to college. Sam's father was in an accident and died; Sam was upset but knew Lucifer would torture the hell out of his dad for what he did. I was offered the job of Arch angel but declined and suggested the job should go to Mark and the other spot went to Paul. I read in the newspaper a week or so later that a premature born baby, against all odds, survived and is now healthy. Oddly enough, the parents were religious and named the baby Gabriel, and being the kind person I am…I offered to watch over him.

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