Rose Tints Their World

Thank-Yous And Story Thoughts

Hello all, Luci-chan here. I would first like to give the biggest thanks ever to everyone who reviewed this story, and everyone who read but still didn't review. You are all so awesome I wish I could give each of you a prize to show you how much I love you! But sadly I can't. All I can do is continue to write for you guys.

Now, I have some thoughts on the characters so here goes:

Justin Bennet: From the beginning, Justin was based off of me at my absolute ditziest. He started out as a mirror of me while I was on my pain meds. If you go back and look (or maybe some of you remember), I was on pain meds when I started this story because I got my wisdom teeth cut out, and I was stoned out of my mind. This series went on to become my most popular ever, totaling over three hundred reviews in all. Also, Justin was originally not the main character, Chris was.

Chris Fresk: Like I said, Chris was originally the main character. Black and White was originally going to be centered around his art. I killed him once in the series and seriously considered killing him two other times. But I just couldn't let him go. He is like me in that he jumps to conclusions and he never knows what he wants.

Bethany Candace Dermott (Xain): Xain was probably my favourite character in the series, but I didn't even give her a name until the end of Gray. She came from a rich family but rebelled, forming the Tsumetai gang. She was originally in Baltimore but moved to North Carolina with Allen Bennet shortly before Justin was born.

Leviticus (Levy) Fresk: Leviticus was originally a name I suggested for a character of Zephyr-sama's. She didn't like the name, but I fell in love with it and so used it here. If you'll notice, Levy isn't even mentioned in Black and White, and he wasn't present when the Fresk family went to Justin's house for dinner. This is because he wasn't even thought up until I was writing Gray. When I read the book of Leviticus the first thing that came to mind for some reason was 'hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil', so I made Levy a very indifferent character who rarely speaks. He dresses in red, which I usually associate with sin and suffering, paired with white, the colour of purity.

Nicole Fresk: From the beginning Nicole was supposed to be there only for comic relief. Plus I really liked her outfits. Seriously, if I had her body type, I would wear that stuff. She slowly evolved as the story went on, though, and even though she died I was really happy with how her character developed.

Ayden Fresk: Ayden was probably my most ill-developed, inconsistent character. I am going to try to remedy that in Canvas, but it might be too late.

Lucifer, Zephyr, Brooke, and Anubis: They are all real people.

Gavin: The chappy of Maverick that introduces him is now posted.

Ezra: Ezra is my sarcastic self allowed to run amok. But that's where the similarities end. I thought about doing a spin-off of him, but I decided against it because (this is a really stupid reason) I only have eight dividers in the binder I use for the hard copies of my stories.

Diana Fresk: Chris' mom. Her creepily youthful looks should be familiar to anyone who reads much VC Andrews because I based her loosely off of Jillian Tatterton from the Casteel series. And the first book, Heaven, takes place in my home state.

The Colonel: Was named so because of my fondness of calling military personnel by their rankings.

Laurel: Was based off of a friend of mine who's not a friend of mine anymore. We didn't fight, we just drifted apart and I honoured our friendship by creating a character based on her.

Weed: He's based off of my brother.

Tom and Harold: For more info on them, check out their story, "Cri de Coeur" and the sequel, "Cri de Coeur: Encore" if you haven't already.

Random fact thingies:

The title for Black and White came from the movie Mirrormask, which is an awesome movie anyway, but when I first watched it I was on the painkillers and that just made it all the more awesome.

I have never been to Raleigh, North Carolina, where this entire series and its spin-offs take place. The closest I've been is New Bern, where my aunt lives.

The blue painting on the side of Chris' studio that depicted sex and stuff was an illustration of the book of Leviticus.

In Black and White, when Justin gets his locker and there's hot chocolate all dried up inside, that's a true story. The locker was mine. The story pretty much explains the rest.

Every time I get a review I squeal.

I go into withdraw when I can't update.

I read all of your stories, but I sometimes forget to review.

You will never know how privileged I feel that someone reads my stories.