Ocean Witch

I watched as lightning tips spread forth from Amalthyn's clenched fingers and bolted across the shifting waves like leapfrogs. Every hair on his body was electrified; and even though I was not standing close to him I could see each pour expand with the power surging inside of him. "Amalthyn!" I whispered, I knew he couldn't hear me physically over the roar of the waves but I knew he would hear my plea within the chambers of his mind.

His eyes were glowing in the distance; shallow pools of vermilion blue - the color of the sea on a calm day even though the water around him was raging. "Be careful?" I had to question him, his arms where limping and his posture dulled. He didn't answer me, though in a way I hadn't expected him to.

As the sky burned red streaks across gray clouds I knew his fever had started - the impact of power was so sharp that it drains the body of all it's liquid, even his own blood. Amalthyn was crumpling, his boots slipping down the rock. It would end soon, I told myself, and soon he would come through it. I felt the surge around me as the waves breached our docks. I could smell the static in the air like smoke, so thick and pungent it filled my lungs and stung but it was as invisible as the cold air.

When the lightning from his skin finally burned off into the air around him it hovered, still under his command but it surged around him, a hungry current ready to be set free. From my place on the highest tower I watched him raise his sword. Shaking hands holding it high and circling the tip around the frozen energy and trapping it within the blade. Lowering it was a sign that he had completed his task (conquering the power of the air around him) and the silent forms dotting the landscape around the sea cheered. Voices violent in their approval and strong in their pride for another son born to Laevin. Another Fire Holder to protect what was ours.

I cheered with them (though silently). The other Fire Holder's, Amalthyn's judges rowed out in boats to retrieve him. He was slumped over the rock, all but drained of every ouch of his energy. There had been Laevin's in my lifetime who'd died while attempting to conquer the air for the first time - their blood boiled internally from the power and strain. They had been brought back to shore with translucent skin, each purple vein drained white and visible from the outside. Their internal organs burned black and shriveled. As children, Amalthyn and I would watch as those limp bodies were laid out on the shore to disintegrate. Flowing out with the morning tide to their mother ocean which they had came from.

I watched the Laevin carefully lay Amalthyn in the boat, unconscious and barren as though dead. He folded into the belly of the boat unconscious, but I knew that with the power of the Laevin flowing inside his veins he had prepared himself to fight any battle.