I know it had been a long, long, time and I'm sorry for that it's just that I've been struggling with this story a lot more than I should. Let me see if I can explain this right…

This story is almost set in an alternative world, right? So some things don't need to match to our world the problem is that this 'alternative world' that I created is almost only different in names and some or other detail and I wouldn't reach the level I wanted simply because of the time in which I decided to create the story.

I'm not talking about starting it today or yesterday but the actual 'time' in which the story is situated, if you've read it so far is easy to understand (or at least I hope it is…) that it all happens in a time of Kings, Dukes and etc, which makes everything harder.

When I first started the basic plot of this story the idea of writing it in these epoch seemed perfect only after I started writing did I notice that my English is far to bad, or not as knowledgeable, or me to write like the character was actually a Duke or King.

Which is actually why I happen to be struggling so much with this story, it seems just a stupid attempt of a real story, if you also write is easy for you to understand, what I'm talking about there's that certain level you want your stories to reach and I'm just not getting there with this.

Of course it is my own fault writing stories is not at easy at it seems when you're reading one, not that I ever thought it was easy, but while I was just creating this story I kept thinking that it would be easy and I just stopped thinking about it until I finally started writing it.

Now there are two things I could possibly do, one just put it in Hiatus for better times to come or to just change the 'time' in which this story is situated. I've been thinking about the latter a lot and if you think about it (ok maybe you can't since you don't know the plot X), so when I think about it I see how it could happen and how much fun Madrigal and all the other characters could be.

I really would like some sort of feedback on this subject.