A Fake's Life

A fake
That's exactly what you are
The best word to describe a person like you

All the people I met
All the tears you cried
That's all it ever was

Nothing was ever real around you
You always made everything
Just to your liking
So you could benefit everything
You've ever said

The fun that we've had
The secrets we told
The lies you confessed about telling
None of it was real
Was it?

Of course not
Nothing was when it came to you

You stole things that I wanted
Like the guys' hearts that I liked.
And I wasn't the only one.

You stole something from everyone
And lied to them too
Of course,
I guess you can't help it
When you've done it your whole life.
Like you.

The go home
Run to your mommy
For her 'support'
The go to school
And tell us you hate her

Tell even more lies
Because you think
People will like you better
That way

News flash!
They won't.
People would like you
For who you are,
If you'd ever let them see.