Lucifer sat on the hill and watched his Angels kill the remainder of those God had sent against him. He smiled in spite of the gore that lay before him, in spite of the pain he felt in his heart.

"So it has finally happened," Lucifer turned to Samael and the tall Angel nodded, his silver eyes looked grim. "God has finally decided to begin killing us."

"It was only a matter of time," Samael replied. "We've lost the only edge we had over Him."

Lucifer grinned. "Oh my friend, you are so wrong. He has just given us the greatest weapon we could wield against him."



Ayman turned around and saw Lucifer walking towards him. Ayman pulled his sword out of the dead Angel he had just slain and turned to his commander.

"Are we moving?" Ayman took a cloth and began to wipe his sword clean.

"Yes, but I have a new mission for you."

"Oh?" Ayman raised his eyebrows in interest.

"There's a village not too far, up north."

"I saw it on the way over here."

"I want to round them all up and bring them to our next rendezvous point."

"With the Eyes?"

"I want them alive. I want all of them, men, women, children… especially children. I want them armed to the teeth."

"What exactly are you planning Lucifer?" Ayman sheathed his sword, a confused look on his face.

Lucifer smiled cruelly. "In our next battle, we're going to send the Humans against the Angels."

"You're going to slaughter humans?"

"No my friend, God's Angels will slaughter them," his smile only widened. "I want to see just how far He will go to stop us."


Lucifer and his Angels flew over the seas and mountains; they fought night and day, always on the move, always making their next plan of attack. God's Angels had played right into their hands, forced to kill those they had been sworn to protect.

The Eyes had been what had started all of this.

Their original purpose was to hypnotize humans, make them fall asleep. It was the perfect attack for an Angel to have, because no humans would be harmed by it.

Only Lucifer saw it's potential. It took years of hard work to master the Eyes, to be able to unleash their full power. He could make humans do whatever he wanted, and not just humans, before long he was able to use it on Angels as well.

He taught those closest to him the secrets of the Eyes; it was the beginning of his army.

When he knew he was more powerful than God the war had begun and now it was only a matter of time before it would end.


The pain was more than he could bear. He could tell most of his bones were broken. His back for sure, maybe all of his ribs. His left arm was broken in several places and lay underneath him, the bones stabbing into his stomach.

He couldn't feel his legs.

Lucifer opened his eyes and only saw red. He tried reaching out for his sword, but he only managed to move his fingers before the pain swept over him harder than before.

So this is what defeat felt like.

He could feel the hot tears running down his face, mixing with the blood and dirt.

Things weren't supposed to happen like this. He was supposed to win. He was supposed to destroy God and take his rightful place on the thrown of Heaven.

His rule was to be perfect and the world would eventually rejoice beneath him.

This wasn't meant to happen. How could Michael, of all people, be the one to throw him down to earth like this?

He saw the outline of a leg come into focus, but he couldn't move his head to see whom it was who stood before him. He thought he heard something, but everything was muffled.

Someone took his hand; pain swept through him arm and then a blade pierced his skin. Then he felt true agony, a terrible ice that spread through his body at the speed of light. He could hear himself screaming, a blood-curling scream.

What was this agony? Was it death?


When he awoke the pain was still there, as it would remain for the rest of eternity. He was lying down on cold stone, his bones had been set but had not yet healed. He could hear voices around him. He opened his eyes and saw only blurred faces.

"He's awake," they whispered.

"Samael?" Lucifer asked, his voice sounded dry and it hurt to move his jaw.

"No my Lord, Samael has betrayed us."

"No…" That wasn't possible.

"He was working for God all this time. He was a spy. And not just him, there were many others."

"No… I looked at their souls… with the Eyes…" He could feel the tears running down his face.

"God protected his lies… He was more powerful than you," the words hurt more than all his broken bones.

"… No…"

"It is not over yet my Lord, we attack again tonight. We will win. You will sit on you thrown."


For days his consciousness went back and forth, but always he was in the dark. In his dreams he relived the battles over and over again. Sometimes he was still in Heaven and the war had yet to begin.

When he awoke there was nothing but pain and the terrible silence.

He wasn't sure how long he lay there on the stone table, but as his wounds healed themselves he because more and more aware until the full force of the silence overcame him.

His Angels weren't coming back; they had failed their last assault.

He was alone. Now and forever, he was alone.

(I wrote this little ditty because I thought it would be fitting to write about Satan on this most auspicious of days: 6/6/6 This ties into my other story (The Last Battle For Heaven) and the comic (Serafine), while that one was through the eyes on the Angels, this was through the eyes of the Fallen, of Lucifer. I had to give Ayman a little cameo here, because I'm slowly falling in love with him (Ayman, my troubled little villain in the comic). I hope you liked this, I know it kind of skips around in time, but I just wanted to show you pits of pieces of the most terrible war ever fought. From him rising to power, to him being utterly defeated. This is Lucifer)

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