Title: You Hurt Me
Author: BushyHaired
Author's Notes: I just wrote this. Oo I've been so creative the past few days Anyways, directed to whoever. Maybe a friend or family member, maybe some other random person (if I was in love or something like that…) I'm not sure why I started writing this… I think I was angry because I was completely ignored today. Not completely, but anyway... It wasn't a talk that I needed... I guess I can't make myself clear even if I scream and shout. Anyways, read and review!

Kill me now
Finish me off
With some witty comment
You picked up online

Don't you see?
You make me cry
You make me smile
At the same time

I try to talk
But you shut me up
And I don't know
How to explain

No matter what I say
You'll be one step ahead
I can't keep up
I'm exhausted

Spare me the lecture
Of forgiveness
What you offer
I no longer need

It's the guilt
That eats me from inside
It's all I run from
Death and pain

Can't you see it's me
That I try to hide
And it's you that
Made me cry last night