Author's Notes: This story is for the sake of semi-true horror because everything that's close to horror here is just pure fluff and I felt like writing a truly insane (and when I say insane, I fucking mean INSANE) and horrific story because I want to. And on top of that, a gay one so everyone will be happy.

So with that said, make sure you don't freak out when I mention total gore and body parts strewn around everywhere. But then again, I'm sure we all know this is horror (Although body parts strewn everywhere doesn't thouroughly define horror at all) so we won't be surprised right? Good.

Enjoy :)

Note: If you ever feel the urge to blame anyone, blame the retards I go to school with. Because this is extremely INSANE like them and their anime that they constantly throw at me thinking I'd actually like but then I throw it back at them saying this is so weird! Yup…

HAPPY 6-6-06!

Heaven Stained Red

First Canticle


It was the middle of December; the morning sky was dark and cold, cloudless. A blue-eyed boy stood outside the large mansion that was surrounded by a black gate, running his fingers through his long strands of thin raven black hair. The house was creepy and gave him a frosty feeling that made him want to curl up into a ball for warmth and protection. Yet it had always enchanted his imagination causing him to think up a story behind the abandoned house that stood in the middle of his way to school. Why was it there? What hair-wrenching secrets hid behind those huge wooden doors?

He knew of course that it was abandoned. One man used to live there but had left after claiming sleepless nights and a vast coldness as the rumor went. No one had dared to buy it after that, thinking it was "haunted". But of course, the reason why it seemed cold to the man was because it had no heating system and barely any carpeting. And the reason why he didn't sleep was probably because he was cold. People were so superstitious.


Seth blinked and turned around. He had expected his best friend to be behind him. He always seemed to pop out of nowhere sometimes. He smiled. "Hey Aaron."

The taller boy nodded in greeting. He was so very different from Seth, it was a wonder how they became such good friends…Aaron had golden blonde hair grown out over his ears and over his brown eyes and always wore those designer preppy surfer boy clothes. Seth was more of the darker type; the total opposite of bright Aaron. The type to wear semi-tight black jeans and dark sweatshirts.

"Watching the stupid house again?" Aaron asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Yeah." Seth sighed and looked at the house for a second and then back at Aaron. "Going to school?"

"Yeah." Aaron nodded and uncrossed his arms. He looked over Seth, seeming concerned for a moment. "You look tired, are you okay? Did you stay up late again?"

Seth touched the bottom of his eyes where there was slightly darker raised skin. It was true, he was awfully tired…He had stayed up last night reading. He remembered he couldn't sleep and reading was the perfect pastime at the moment.

"Come on." Aaron said taking Seth's arm and pulling him to the side of the road. They began their slow walk to school not speaking a word but enjoying the rare silence before they reached the noisy halls of high school. It was enough for Seth to simply walk beside Aaron in the quietness without anyone around, especially not Beck…no, not Aaron's girlfriend. Beck didn't understand the needs of this special friendship…she was always around and that pissed Seth off so much.

As they entered through the back of the school, they passed the random cliques…the preps, the geeks, the punkers, the gangsters, the Mexicans, the Emo kids…It was funny how these people believed they were so different than others that they needed to dress different and hang out with others that dress the same and like the same music. They were all human, right?

"Aaron!" a loud screech from behind stopped Seth and Aaron dead in their tracks. Aaron turned but Seth didn't need to. He already knew what that annoying girly cry could be. Beck…He reluctantly turned around to see Beck jumping his best friend. Seth didn't even bother to hide his disgust…he hated Beck and wished the stupid bitch would die.

Aaron blinked and hugged Beck back. "Hey Becky. You're here early." He pointed out.

"Yeah! I wanted to surprise you!" Beck beamed brightly, showing off her perfectly white set of teeth. She twirled around, broadcasting her awfully short hot pink skirt. "Remember this?"

Aaron raised an eyebrow. "Oh yes!" he smiled. "The skirt we went to buy but you didn't want it right?"

"Yeah!" she replied excitedly. "I changed my mind! I think it looks cute. Oh hi Seth! Didn't notice you there!" she waved at Seth.

"Hi Beck." Seth muttered dryly. Stupid bitch…

Beck frowned. "Are you okay honey? You look tired and sad."

Seth sighed. "I'm fine." He replied then turned to Aaron. "I'll meet you at Sod's after school?"

Aaron nodded. "You're ditching 6th again?" he asked. "You're gonna fail."

Seth snorted. "Fuck it. I have better things to do." With that, he turned and waved to Aaron, not waiting for his reply. Was it too obvious that he hated Beck? Yes, yes it was. But it didn't matter…if Aaron had to choose between Seth and Beck then Beck would be in a filthy dumpster with rats and such. Seth knew this very well and kept it in mind. The stupid bitch meant nothing at all to Aaron compared to him…nothing.

Or at least Seth liked to think so. He walked past his 1st period class and toward the small slab of cement that stood in front of the school library. There sat his day friends, simple people he hung out with during the day while Aaron went off being popular with his bitch of a girlfriend. They were a good group, all dressed in tight girl jeans with too small sweaters and millions of bracelets; their hair all over their depressed faces and over their black lined eyes. The Emo group.

Seth liked the Emo people. He liked to listen to their depressing stories of heartbreak or not being understood. It was so…fake. Seth loved it. But he believed in the true Emo people. The Emo people who weren't in this large group of friends and surrounded by the love they think doesn't exist. Seth knew the true Emo people are alone and have gone through true heartbreak and not being understood. They roamed the hall alone, ate lunch alone and are ridiculed. Then later to ease the pain, they would bring out their razor...or anything sharp.

But of course Emo was just a brand of music…not a class of society or a clique. But then again, there was also the idiots who decided to call Emo a clique.

"Hey Seth." One of the boys greeted, smiling brightly.

Seth nodded in greeting, "Barry."

"Lucy, who is that next to Barry?" a girl whispered rather loudly.

"Shhh!" the short twiggy girl Lucy hissed. "That's Seth. He's been in our group for a long time." She told the long-haired girl.

"He's gorgeous. Hook me up?" the girl pleaded.

"You're still new to the group Urna, you don't know Seth." Lucy whispered glancing at Seth only to notice Seth's icy blue gaze on her. Her cheeks immediately turned pink. "He's…he's special."

Seth smirked. It was strange that these people actually believed he couldn't hear them. But wasn't it lovely that he was…special?

"He's untouchable Urna. 100 percent untouchable." Lucy continued.

That's right. Seth thought. Untouchable. Lucy knows her facts. That means I don't want no fucking new freshman bitch hanging on my shoulder.

"Aw?" Urna pouted. "Why?"

Lucy leaned in and whispered something in her ear that Seth couldn't hear. Urna's eyes widened and she mouthed the word as if it was a despicable curse word that if said, death would ensue upon the speaker.

Shaun scowled. Stupid bitch. Stupid homophobic whore. What the fuck is wrong with it? Not the whole fucking world has to be fucking straight like you, you fucking bitch. So what if I'm fucking gay? Doesn't fucking change the fact that I'm fucking HUMAN. Goddamn, they treat us like we're fucking aliens! Fucking deal with it.

"Oh…" Urna frowned and looked past Lucy at Seth. She cringed at the look he gave her. "Has he…anyone here?" she asked incoherently.

"No he hasn't gone out with anyone here but 2 other guys are gay and a lot of the girls are bi." Lucy replied. "It's nothing bad I don't think. At least he doesn't have to deal with shit since he is…you know…"

"A fucking babe?" Urna groaned. "Why? Why me?"

"Shut up, he's looking here." Lucy hissed. "And I happen to be a close friend of his. I don't want that change because of you."

Urna shrugged and they went back to normal conversation.

Seth rested his head against the wall and closed his eyes. He let his thoughts wander…dreams of what would happen after school. He was going to meet Aaron at Sod's. Yeah…Aaron.


Ayman Sodario, or Sod for short, was a scientist that owned a lab close to Aaron's house. Aaron and Seth often did volunteer work there in order to fulfill community service requirements. Sod was a good friend of Aaron's father and often needed help for research. Basically all they did was stand around and hand him things and look at various slideshows and stuff. It was boring as hell, but it was fun when Aaron was there.

Seth reached the small house that Sod lived in by himself and knocked. In a few seconds, the short dark man reached the door. He had his large dark glasses on and he looked somewhat like Einstein save for the weird hair.

"Sethy!" the man smiled. "Come in come in! We have been awaiting you."

"Hey Sod. Yeah, I had to do something after school." Seth replied. "Do something" also meant ditching 6th period then hanging out at the mall with his Emo people and eating. Some stress relief…

Sod lead him to the lab room where Aaron sat with Beck and walked away. A sudden anger seized Seth. Why won't this bitch just leave them alone? She had to follow them to volunteer work too?

"Hey Seth, your late." Aaron pointed out.

Seth met his eyes then switched his eyes from Beck and back to Aaron. Aaron shrugged but looked a bit uneasy. Don't give me that shit… Seth thought. You could have just said no, you fucking ass. She doesn't have to follow you everywhere.

"Okay." Sod returned with three cans of what looked like soda. He handed all three one soda and walked to the doorway. "I have to do something real fast so just relax. I'll be back in a little." He walked away and closed the door behind him.

"What the fuck? He never leaves us alone with the equipment." Seth raised an eyebrow and clicked his soda open as did the other two. Apparently, the soda had been shaken and the syrupy liquid flowed out of the can and onto his hand, slinking down his arm. He groaned. This day couldn't get any worse.

Beck smiled and sipped her soda. "At least we can hang out. Come sit Seth." She squirmed slightly as if the taste of the soda burned. "This fake 99 cent store shit is gross."

Aaron took a sip as if to verify that it was indeed just that. "Yeah, nasty shit."

Seth set his soda down and instead of sitting down as Beck had suggested, walked around the lab table to glance at the random bottles and stuff on it. He never really understood chemistry, let alone science, but he could only guess what kind of things were in this lab. And he knew half of it was illegal. Once, he and Aaron had found a cocaine-like substance in one of the twisty tubes and various other drugs and tobacco products.

He felt a sharp pain in his arm, just below his elbow and looked down. A small icy blue and crimson red spider-looking thing was on his arm. Seth gasped and, as on instinct, shook his arm violently. The thing had vanished. He raised an eyebrow.

"Are you okay Seth?" Aaron called out from the couch.

"Uh…I think something bit me." Seth replied, looking at the place the spider had bitten. Okay, so he lied, the day could get worse…

Aaron stood up and walked over to him. Together they examined the small bit of raised red flesh. They both hesitated to touch it. "Looks like it was attracted by the spilled soda or something." Aaron said.

"No shit. Thanks Aaron." Seth muttered.

"I'll go get ice." Beck said from behind. "I heard it helps." She walked away.

"It's not gonna grow a nasty bump or anything is it?" Seth asked.

"Maybe it'll turn you into Spiderman!" Aaron said smiling. "That'd be so cool!"

Seth raised an eyebrow. "Sure Aaron. But I believe that is called FICTION."

Aaron shrugged. "I think it'll grow this big water filled bubble on top of the skin. Those are real nasty. A lot of them grow so big and you get to pop them!"

Beck returned with the icepack, though Seth wondered how she knew where it was, and gave it to Aaron. Aaron put it on top of the little bite that was beginning to swell and redden even more. Seth flinched as the coldness hit his warm skin and the even warmer bite. He sighed and held it with his hand while Aaron went to grab his soda.

"Drink some soda. The bite will probably drain you of your bodily fluids." Aaron joked.

Seth shook his head slowly. "Do I know you?" he took the soda and sipped it casually. He cringed. The shit tasted so bad…

Aaron and Beck laughed at the disgusted face he made. "I told you it tastes like shit." Beck said.

Seth set the drink back down and walked to the couch, holding the ice pack over his arm tightly. He didn't know why the room suddenly felt cold…or maybe it was the ice pack?

"Damn…it's getting hot." Aaron pointed out, contradicting Seth's feeling of coldness. He slipped out of his jacket and threw it over the couch.

Beck nodded but said nothing. Seth could have sworn he saw her face beginning to turn greenish. But he passed it off as an effect of the bite. A few seconds later, Beck had fallen on her face, flat on the floor.

Aaron made no move to get up; he only held his stomach tightly. It seemed he didn't notice his girlfriend's collapse and didn't seem to care either. There was a sharp pain in the bottom of his stomach like knives stabbing him constantly on the inside, an example usually identified with menstrual cramps.

Seth raised a questioning eyebrow. The images were flying through his brain, collapsing Beck, bent over Aaron, the blue and red spider…nothing seemed real anymore and he had no idea what was going on. His head ached immensely and his eyes burned. He closed his eyes and willed himself to disappear…to make the pain and images stop…to make the confusion stop…

And then it all went black.