Are we alone now?

I think that we're dying

'cause I can't hardly breath

And you can hardly wait

So are these feelings stuck inside?

Is this my only fait?


Can't you

Just see?

Just feel

The words

So pure

Bitter sweet

Be this how it ends?

A heart of broken glass

Can't soon return to neverland

Or dreams we thought we missed

But why

Can't you

Just breath?

Just hear

The words

So cruel

And unsweet


The world

Is cut

In two

The dreams

The says

The I know truths

Fuck this life and fuck the earth

Gravity and law

Fuck my propriety

Rape it 'till its raw

I can't find all my goddamned lies or my fucking truths

I can't say what I mean

Save me the sweet tooth.


Can't we

Just do

The things

So hard

So true

Save me

The tooth