Where did I say you could hold me?

How can you tell how I love your touch

Sit with me

Let my thoughts release into oblivion

Hold me with lightning fingertips

Cheek so course

Rub against mine

Kiss me not

Pet us justly hold me and lay with me

Hearts race and hands cling

Never acolmpish the ashamed

Just hold me

I'll hold you dear

Its nothing, you just make me happy

But hearts can't open

Minds won't let another break

Escasy to the touch

Not stranger or lover


We love not to be so

Just as eachother teach me you

I'll let you know me

Adopt your ways not your heart

Cling to your hand

Pull to tug my heart

Imagining our names

Will not bring us joy

The anticipation of words and ways

Make the lips curve up

Energy runs

I want to feeli it with you

Not in the mood for others

Convince me it is not love

Just a quiver in the flesh

Quiver pure and intense

But never love

With that is devotion

What you don't what

And I give too much

Don't save your energy to build walls

Not with love

Just lightning fingertips

And a calm with you.