5 minutes ago I sat down

5 minutes ago I began to write

5 minutes ago I thought here

Thought about my life

Is it true

Is it false

Are the idols

Worth the hope

1 day ago I sang here

1 day ago I cried

1 day ago I thought that

Thought I couldn't satisfy

The questions

In my mind



3 years ago I hated you

3 years ago I did wear black

3 years ago I was young

Thought it was all one fact


I'm cool


The right mood

A life ago I was happy

A life ago we met

A life ago I thought I knew

Why I was upset

Why everyone's upset


The faith

Become you

With me break

3 weeks Ihave wanted

2 of them I hide

1 week is left suspecting

Why I even tried

Is it true

Is it false

Are meories

Making me hope

I thought I knew everything

I know that now

I'm just me