(I Am In Life After)

Burn me barefoot in sundress on a bed of bird's
wings so I can after live in freedom -with the
purity I kept as I was Five

Or perhaps I'd keep that still
if I convert and keep a swear that I'll
never wed until I love
the lover more than Myself

But my humanity says that's a Never
to their Shall and my mouth could keep it
if my skin could speak a vow -as such
it makes prints not sonnets and
only a different birth could change That now

So when all that's left of my
body is a paper face and emulsion bones
-throw me around the world.
Then as to Anywhere you go: I
am Everywhere for you

For such a girl as this could never
convert to their They're's, but
as she is, she can to could keep her own swears. So
know this my Lover -before
I barefoot any Everywhere for you- that being
named Such declares my love for you and no love in me
would be there to be had if I
meant any more to me than You