Can you walk straight into the borderline of undistributed sanity?
Can you cross this cross with your eyes and feign your vanity?
Turn your head in the opposite direction 'cause your future's turning into your past.
Regret regressed with a cheap dress contaminated with the bloodstains on the grass.
Your life is in the red of bankruptcy as you run low on loans for usable excuses
and it's all a waste, all a waste of your money and your time,
with my jokes and a rhyme (wasted on you).
Give me a break and give me a reason to forget the treason you promised in vain.
Your lies are as solid stone as your heard, that a bullet couldn't shatter or rust in the rain.
Child of glass, forgotten to break and hatch from a fragile shell of uncertainty.
You're a time bomb and your explosion is just another eruption of my increasing misery.
How many deaths were born from your destruction?
How many lives were lost in your corruption?
Darkest angel of your age; time can only turn you black until you blend in with the night.
Disappear within the air and turn inside out to save us from your sight.
Your eyes, black holes growing in the hour.
Dilate your sins and drown.
And on your grave, I'll leave a rose, a lone flower,
to help remind the angel to forget how to live
when you forget to die after you choked on a lie mesmerized by nothing left to give.