Ode to an Ostrich

Deep, red, undying, beating

Love is a deep, deep red.
It smells like your smell.
It looks like your feathers.
It tastes like your beautiful snoggable beak.
It sounds like your call.
It feels like your wings wrapped around me.
It is love, and so are you.

I shall love you until the gods die;
Until the stars crumble and the sun explodes;
Until ostriches are forgotten
And you exist
Only as my memory,
And I only as yours.
I shall love even after death is no more.

If I live another life I shall still love you,
And you will love me.


- HairyMclary

AN: Well, it is an Ode to an Ostrich, from an ostrich, which might explain the 'snoggable beak' and the 'wings wrapped round me.'