a gospel man came to town spreading gospel all around and the people came to listen, said "your love's all gone, your faith's all wrong, your mind…well it's in a prison

look in your word and then look at the world and tell me what it is that you see, and since you won't speak let me tell you what it says and the truth will set you free

it says to 'go to the promise land' for it's promised and it's yours to keep, and you see the people there not chosen, this is yours, not their land to reap

love the man living next to you for this is the way that god loves the world to, turn your face if you come upon an unfriendly embrace, for in you lives a heart of grace

if they come to take your child, go and take theirs, punish the weak and the wild, let your spirit of good run with your rivers of blood and drag the lost out of the mud

believe in the lord, who was and now is, the same as before, and yesterday, god of war and if you do these things, believe in his name, celebrate his fame

let him take your shame- then the world will continue going how it has for all of our past and god's glory will be your story