AP Lang. & Comp., Class 7

Friday, June 2

Just Dance

Dance—an unspoken language comprised of movement, posture, and expression. Universally appreciated, it leaps across countries, bulldozing cultural blockades, uniting mankind in a celebration of life. Dance happens when an internal song bursts into physical energy; dance happens during arid spells, emerging as a prayer for rain; dance happens amid mourning, a tradition of movement which exposes the soul. Unique to each dancer, bestowing insinuations of meaning to each observer, dance perseveres where words run dry.

Tradition and innovation entwine; technique and emotion fuse; determination and spirit mingle, birthing unfettered expression. Music floats, lingering in the air, stealthily directing the audience to the isolated scene the performer wants to create. Dance is a blank canvas, a story waiting to be told. The masterpiece of dance transforms from the choreographer's vision. Auras resonate, blushing from passionate reds to spectral blues. Cassie Weis, a member of Cedarburg's Dance Team, explains that dance mirrors an inner-self; it defines the artist. Infinite precise decisions formulate a dance. These countless stylistic differentiations chip away at a carving block of conformity, revealing an essence, granting each performer a distinct flavor. Each step reflects a facet of personality. As apparent in the new television show, "So You Think You Can Dance," attitude inflates into egoism. The balance of dance requires the counterpart of humility. Bowing at the end of a performance thanks the audience for coming, and curtsying after dance class shows respect for the teacher as well as classmates. Etiquette applies in these surroundings just like anywhere else.

Despite the popularity of dance schools, dance takes root anywhere and everywhere. The tree trunk branches out into hundreds of styles, continually budding. Dance encompasses all aspects of life, each method as unique as the dancer's history and as fresh as the new day. Swinging moods transform dance as often as teenage girls change clothes; tones vary from lamentation to coy flirtation, all finishing with a flourish of exhilaration. From the restrained motions of the waltz to the loose organic gestures of modern dancing, the perpetual melding of positions parallels a mobile statue, fluidity deftly blending the fixed poses into a dance rather than a series of photo shoot moments. Dance swells like a wave, washing emotions out to sea, continually sweeping inspiration to shore with the luminous tide. The accent of music constantly accompanies dance, entrancing the audience and casting a mood of spiritualism. This representation of life's vibrancy contributes to the overall performance in the form of reverberating drum rhythms from Irish reels and the fluctuating melodies from reedy pipes.

Dance offers solace from the world. Dance is a silent unbiased friend, who doesn't care about attire, or socio-economic status, or even past mistakes. She welcomes anyone to her domain-- artists from the streets or performers before the bathroom mirrors. Lily Schultz, a recreational dancer, deems dance a respiration process; spinning, leaping, skipping, and twirling delivers oxygen to the soul, releasing stress and elevating the spirit—like chicken soup for tense nerves. Dance awakens new perspectives like a hot air balloon, careening up and away from problems until they seem trivial and a solution appears on the horizon.

Time spent lost in movement dulls the body's aches and fatigue, muting discomforts into the background. Freedom soars alongside dance as the word 'impossible' disintegrates, swept away by pirouettes and grande jetés. Aspiring to beauty and perfection, dance's objectives, empowers those who participate. This art provides positive distraction, diverting attention from disappointment to idealities. Accomplishment floods the quintessence of the individual after revelation emerges, filling the detached chasm of apathy, reviving inner peace. Dance forges a profound spiritual connection, an intricate spider's web, cohering all of humanity.