A/N: There is a story behind this poem. It is definitely a fiction story though, so no need to wonder if it's true or not, b/c it's definitely not. Lol. The story is about two best friends: a guy and a girl. They never felt more than friendship for each other, but once the girl got married…the guy got jealous and threw a period of time, they realized that they had had romantic feelings for each other all along. Adultery is committed, but the girl realizes how wrong it is and so puts her foot down to put an end to it. In the second stanza it shows her weak point, where she is asking him to be how he was in the friendship and be the stronger person, b/c she is weak, but he doesn't do it, b/c obviously…he's also weak. So, the rest of the poem is her pushing him away and saying "no" countless times. She ends the friendship…the life-long friendship b/c of what has happened between them and how it is ruining her marriage. She is speaking to her best friend/lover in this poem, not her husband. Enjoy! (Remember…this is not a true story. It was inspired by the song: "Unfaithful" by Rhianna.)

I'm Not Yours Anymore

I don't want to do this anymore.

I don't want to sit and watch you cry.

I've been trying to make life complete.

While you sit and take it all.

I don't want to see the pain inside.

I don't want to be that girl that lies.

I just want to find the life in me.

Leave me alone or I'll never be free.

I'm falling farther into it.

It's taking me.

I'm gone.

Save me from the unthinkable.

Save me.

You know I'm not strong.

I will not admit it.

I will not tell you to.

But you know that it's true.

Do what's right.

Do what you do.

I can't stand so much pain.

So much hurt

The endless claim, on my heart that you've got.

Let it go.

I'm not yours anymore.

It threatens my existence.

But it makes you stronger still.

I don't understand it.

I don't think I ever will.

The consequences of what we've done

Has made me think…

What will happen when we're gone?

Does it matter even a little what we do from day to day?

Or is it just the course of time that makes us pay for our past ways?

I hated what this did to us.

I hated why it happened.

I cry behind my stone, cold eyes.

You can't see it.

No one can.

You can't replace what you do in life.

It happened once.

Don't make it twice.

It was bad…what happened,

Both of us know.

But it won't get better

If you just cry.

It will stay the same

As long as you wail.

Just leave me alone.

It was a mistake,

That's true.

But I'm sick of trying to work this out.

I'm sorry,

But I can't be with you.

This is the end.

We can't just be friends.

It's proved wrong in the past.

Believe it now.

It won't last.