A/N: This is the most random poem I have ever random. There is no point to it at all. The story is that a friend was feeling down on himself, and insisted that he start a war. The girl in this story said she's only join if she could wear the nurse had…and be a nurse.…b/c the nurse hat is just that cool…lol. No sense. Lol. ENJOY!

Ode to the Nurse Hat

Nurse Hat!

Oh, Nurse Hat!

Oh, wonderful, adoring, red-cross image Nurse Hat!

I would not have lived through this war but you…YOU! Stole my heart.

It was you! Oh great nurse hat

Who told me to stay,

Who whispered sweet words as these:

"I'll kill you, if you leave!"

Oh, how daring are you!

To threaten me with those icy words of love?


I clap at you!

Yes, that's what I do.

I smile and laugh,

All right at YOU—and then, I do the outrageous.

I reach forward, and poke you!

"Ha, ha!" I say. "This was much fun!"

Poking and laughing and all of it as I run.

But now I must settle myself,

And snap on my gloves,

For more bloody bodies are here for me to touch.

They need needles and gumdrops and such.

I shake my head and say, "This is all, all too much."

But then I see the mirror, and I pat down my hair

To prepare for YOU who comes in good air.

And as soon as you've landed on top of my head,

I smile quite awkwardly and say,

"Let's cure the dead."