Looking at this forest

Is where all the Mother Nature are held

With everlasting beauty yet full of mysteries

Life is like a forest

Is where a child is born from a mother's womb

With bursting of innocence yet overflowing wonders in its eyes

The mysteries begins as mortals wonder how a child would turn out to be

As same goes a forest – if it would ever sustain its beauty

With much hunger and trickery in this world – where nature would be?

A mother's patience needs to be deep

So its child would mature as a great being one day through joyfulness and suffering

With love and devotion, destiny would work its way with God's blessing

So as still a child, I pray for your forgiveness

And be strong and patient with my differences and stubbornness

And with love, all will be well in the end

I greet mum a Happy Mother's Day

And with love, you're always my blood-mother

Just be strong and understanding– the nature will relive its beauty once more