Little Boy Blue

little boy blue with his
never even thought
someone would see him;
a living contradiction.
but this green girl,
she's had her share of
faint angst
subtle woes.
he knows how to numb (his heart)
and she knows how to
fall (apart).

he'd paint his days away
if they'd just let him
and she'd waste her days away
but there's always someone
to make her
she just needs someone to
appreciate her idiosyncrasies
and he needs someone to listen
to his lackluster melodies.

too bad, boys blue and green girls
look for love in all the wrong places.
the bottom of a bottle
or empty nights of forgettable faces.
never will they know the meaning
of having meaning.
i guess that's what makes
the boy blue sad
and the green girl jaded.
because we don't have a choice;
life's just what we're fated.