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A car engine could be heard faintly in the distance. James looked up from his reading on the front porch of the small white house to carefully watch his beloved mother take the trash bag out to the garbage can. Darkness blanketed the neatly cut lawn and all that was beyond. The engine grew louder.

'Mom, you'd better get out of the road before you get hit!' he thought. His mother took no notice of the car engine. He stood up, sensing something wrong in the air. "Mom!" he screamed, fully seeing the car without its headlights, no sound coming out of his mouth. He pushed her out of the way just as the car slammed into both of them...

5 years later

A pale face and two emerald green eyes stared back at him as he looked himself over in the full length mirror. He ran a brush slowly through his shoulder length black hair and pushed a part of it over his left eye, which was scarred.

"JAMES! HURRY UP! You better not be putting on that stupid fag make up again! YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!" his uncle's voice screamed up the stairs. He rolled his eyes and continued to dress himself. He was never late for anything, so he took his time. He carefully put in all his piercings, put on all his rings and applied eyeliner.


James grabbed his new backpack off of the floor, walked downstairs and grabbed a Poptart before walking out to the bus stop.

The Caravilles were the new family on the block with more secrets than most would ever hold. James, the son of the head of a very secret organization, lived with his uncle Jerry for security reasons. This was the third time he changed schools in two months.

James made his way to the back of the huge yellow bus and took a seat in the very back. It felt like millions of eyes watched him as he sat down. He pulled out his CD player and turned it up to full volume. One of the kids in front of him turned around and poked him hard on his shoulder. He glared at the kid and turned down the volume.

"Hi! Why are you wearing make up? You look like a girl!"

James rolled his eyes and ignored the question. He turned up the volume slightly on the CD player.

"You know what you remind me of? Something out of the horror movie I saw last night. I swear there was this girl that looked exactly like you." He paused, watching James's expression, which did not change. "So like, were you a girl or something that like, became a guy?"

James blankly stared and blinked a few times at the annoying boy.

'Stupid freshman.' he thought.

Once the bus pulled up in front of the drab, and dreary looking school, all the kids pushed and shoved each other to get off the bus. James waited until all the violence settled down to make his way off the bus.

"Excuse me! Are you James Caravel?" a deep male voice shouted from somewhere in the crowd. He felt a hand grab his shoulder. James turned around and nodded. "Hi. My name is Taylor Marks. I'm a peer leader at this school. Let me show you to the office."

James nodded in thanks. Taylor looked him up and down. James did the same, taking in his short chocolate brown hair and gray eyes. He dressed completely opposite of James. His blue polo shirt was fitted nicely against his muscular frame and his plaid golf shorts hung perfectly around his waist. Green eyes met gray for a moment, taking in each other. Taylor looked away first.

"We'd better go," he said quietly, turning towards the ugly blue double doors of the school. James followed, staying a little bit behind Taylor so he could check him out more. His eyes wandered down his body, taking in every inch .

Taylor lead him down a series of complicated, barren halls.

"Here it is," he said, opening a glass door. A woman sat behind a wooden desk scribbling on a legal pad. "Hey, Marge. Is Mr. Gregory ready? The new student is here," he said. The woman pointed to another hall behind her without looking up. "Thanks."

"Hello. You must be James!" said a busy blonde woman with a smile plastered over her face as James and Taylor entered the room. James nodded. "Welcome to St. Marys Academy of Young Scholars! This is Mr.Gregory, your new principal. You can come and talk to him anytime you want because remember, he's your princiPAL!" She giggled insanely. "And this fine young scholar is Jake Thompson. He's your new friend and your translator."

Jake Thompson smiled and rolled his eyes. He flicked a ruby red strand of hair out of his eyes. He was wearing a bubblegum pink shirt and tan khaki pants. He surprised James when he signed 'Hello, nice to meet you'. James smiled weakly and signed back. He unzipped one of his pockets and pulled out his calculator sized talkpad.

"Didn't my father tell you that I have this?" he typed. Mr.Gregory, a beefy sunburnt man nodded.

"We just wanted to make things easier."

"Well, thank you for your effort," he typed. He then turned to Jake, who was idly filing his nails.

"How do you know sign language?" he signed.

"My mom is deaf. I have known it since I was a baby." Jake replied. The two administrators looked at each other with puzzled looks as the two boys talked.

James smiled, already liking Jake. "That's too bad. It's nice to finally have someone who can understand me."

"Anytime. Were you born mute?" Jake asked. James nodded.

"Is there something James wants?" Ms. Alan asked inquisitively. Jake shook his head. "Well then, you two better go to class. We don't want James to be late!"

The boys grabbed their backpacks and left the room. When they were outside in one of the hallways, Jake handed James two folded up pieces of paper.

"Here. One is your locker combination and the other is a map of the school and your schedule," Jake said, handing the papers to James. His hand lightly brushed James's in the process. "Oh and just so you know, we're forced to wear uniforms on Monday and Wednesday. You're lucky it's a Tuesday. Here's your locker."

James nodded understanding. He unfolded one of the papers and tried to open his locker.

"Here, let me help you," Jake said, seeing James was having trouble with the lock. James scooted over so Jake could try. "See, you have to pull while you turn the lock," he instructed. His warm hand found James' cold hand that had silver ring on almost every finger. He put James' hand on the black lock. "Push it back in until it clicks."

Jake slowly moved his body closer to James'. "Do you have a girlfriend?" he whispered. James shook his head feeling slightly uncomfortable.

"I'm gay." James signed. He tried to pull himself away from Jake. Jake smirked and raised an eyebrow.

"Really?" he said in mock disbelief. "That's a coincidence! I am too. They're not really accepting here."

"Oh. That's... terrible. I really think we should get to class." James suggested.

"Yea. Good idea. It looks like you got a bad one," Jake agreed, changing the subject. All the books were stacked neatly inside the ugly, ash gray locker. "You need your calculus, physics and English book for now. You can go back to your locker when ever you want."

James pulled out each of the books and put them in his backpack waiting for further instructions. Jake shut the locker and motioned James to follow him.

"Here's your first class. We have three or four classes together," he said, opening the door. 62 eyes were fixed upon them as the walked in. A few people gave him friendly looks and others stared at his as if he were a freak.

"Oh! You must be James. Welcome to physics. You can take a seat anywhere you want," the thin, brown haired, brown eyed teacher said. James automatically liked her. As he walked down one of the open isles, he tripped over a foot that was stuck out. Jake, who was behind him, tripped over James' body.

"Did I trip you?" someone asked above him. "You might as well fuck the fag while you're at it, he hasn't had any in a while." The kid snickered.

"Piss off," an annoyed voice said with a british accent. A hand was extended to him which he gratefully took. He thanked the boy with a nod of his head. "No worries." James took the empty seat next to him and began to take notes. "The name is Kyo, Kyo Johnson. You are James? Eh?" He asked. James nodded and shook his hand. Kyo had black hair and slanted brown eyes that were lined with eyeliner. His eyebrows were pierced multiple times along with his lips and his ears. He looked as if he could be a native of Japan.

"So today is your first day. How are you liking it?" He asked as he copied something out of the book. James shrugged his shoulders and sighed. He pulled out his talkpad and left it on the desk.

"James? Are you having trouble taking notes?" The teacher asked seeing that he was not taking notes. He shook his head, mildly suprised that the teacher was paying attention to him.

"He's mute, not mentally impared," Jake shouted from the back of the class. James fought back a smirk. "He already knows all this. He's a year ahead of this class."

Kyo raised a pireced eyebrow.

James bgan to type on the talk pad. 'The last school I went to let me go ahead and take college level classes so I could get them out of the way. This is the highest class the school had, so I have to stick with it.'

"Oh... wonderful," Kyo said impressed.

"We don't need your comments, Jake. I am well aware that he is on a different level than this class is. I just asked a simple question." She turned back around, slightly annoyed.

The rest of the class went smoothly with occasional outbursts from Jake. When lunch finally came around, Jake and James walked to the nearest coffee shop. The ordered their drinks and sat down. James savored the warmth of his hot chocolate.

"It's good, isn't it?" Jake asked, sipping his coffee. James nodded absently. His eyes wandered around the coffee shop and settled on a guy with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He was sitting alone and typing on a silver laptop. Only once did he take a sip of what ever he was drinking.

"How are you enjoying the school?" Jake inquired, trying to draw James' attention back to him.

"It's a very interesting school. That guy, Kyo, he's nice," James signed. Jake snorted.

"His family is so weird. There are some nasty rumors going around about him and his girlfriend, Keira Wilson. I heard that his family dances naked at night and creepy stuff like that."

"Well, he seems nice so I'm just going to stick with that until I get to know him better."

James' attention went back to the mysterious guy that sat in the corner.

"So, you have spotted Tristan. Hm..." Jake mumbled. James snapped out of his reverie.

"What?" he signed.

"Tristan Gottlieb. He goes to our school," Jake signed back, glaring at Tristan's figure. "He's a bitch."

"Why do you say that?"

Jake sighed. "He never talks to anyone, and he's rude when he does. He thinks he's so much better than everyone else because he gets the highest grades in English, math and history. The only thing he's terrible at is physics."

James glanced over at Tristan again. Their eyes met for a moment. James weakly smiled. Tristan returned the smile and rolled his eyes at Jake.

'He doesn't seem that bad.'

"Well he is," Jake protested.

'He's really hot.'

Jake gave him a look of disgust. "He's a beast."

'Whatever, I like him.' James signed, rolling his eyes. Jake was playing with the styrofoam lid of his cup, making tiny marks on it with his nails.

"Are you a virgin?"

James nearly spat out his drink.

'Where did that come from?' he signed.

Jake smirked. "Dunno..."

"Why does that matter?"

"No reason. I was just curious." Jake pushed his leg against James'. "I'm not. I lost mine two years ago when I was 16. It was after prom."

James blushed, feeling slightly uneasy. He never liked being questioned about his virginity. His eyes wandered back to Tristan.

"Lets go, you're sickening me." He stood up and grabbed James' hand in his. James almost fought against him but decided against it, not wanting to lose his new friend. From the corner of his eye, he could see Tristan was smirking at them.

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