(Young Lovers To Your Future Go)

I awoke beneath the covers of my lover,
green roses at my feet,
iconic of young love trying to be it's future now
The beauty of the blossoms,
it took me by surprise and by the hand,
turning my fingers green by misdirecting them
with silver lines from your mouth
and, pardon my cursive, but
you can never by correct when you're wearing pinstripes
on your cuffs of every memory you forget
Simply if you say it with a banner doesn't mean it now
doesn't require it a crown of love
(unless it's cut by thorns of green grass young love roses
told by sinners to their saints of requiem)
done by undone of those gone had gotten closer
By the be that got me here
i swear that I never
-how I ever never-
might could the hazard that took me to my taken,
a place I run from in every wake of mine
On sunday we took to dancing through the streets
and blessing by quill sans red string
that we all happily did sing
Lunen was a moment
(or was it Lunenburg?)
that fancied all forgotten of rebellion fame
I thought we could sleep in for once,
with armor of amore on it our knees,
to close your eyes with it our lies
and beg for any to go be wild
And they did went wild.
Here's the son with the moon in his palm
up in trees of days and decent nights
with a kettle full of known
And had I known
i would have knock him down and back to me
where he used to be
awake with his lover underneath the covers
Quick boy!
hide your lover from your mother
hide me underneath the covers
Hide me green be red be forward neath our feet
to awoke by future been any now
aren't we all red now?
with lovers uncovered drinking kettles
flowing green tea by steel means
Taking sidewalks to markets where we prophesized permanence
as it flowed between it our mouths
I was scared but haven't since
Our sheets are full of sky and
sky had never been so red
Nothing had never been so red.