trying like I've milleniums of answers
left to learn
for all the questions
all the languages spurring sandstorms
to fill my mouth and dry me up
until I am desert dust
and no closer to the synonyms
for I love you enough to live
only in your path and forsake all else
enough to move stars and stand against odds

enough to be beaten by these freedom chains
when you turn away from me
hurry aside to some other breath
spend your time astride some other girls flesh
how could you how could you
withhold your love from me
give so many seconds to someone else
who isn't me

I will twist my tongue into unfamiliars
slur my speech with syllables I've yet to comprehend
recognizing only and irrefutably
the vastness of this
my desert patience waiting for more
than after sunset caresses of nightfall
that pass by and leave me
back in burning bright daylight drought

waiting for something truer
the first rare rainfall
a time when you will come to me
and stay
all our words green and with lasting meaning
not to flee with the hours
but life

how could you how could you
withhold this from us