Author's Note: Hey, this is a poem I wrote right after I went through a really stressful and upsetting time and I had just gotten to the point that I didn't feel anything, and I was trying to describe the feeling. I have to say that the poem would be a lot cooler if we could keep formatting from Microsoft Word. Then you could see my awesome spacing techniques and the new meaning they would give to the poem, it looks a lotbetter on my original copy, I swear it.


Finally I understand emptiness.

The calm, silent, tranquil "Peace"

Buddha asks one to pursue.

Life with no hopes or dreams.

Because in the absence of these;

There is no pain.

no pain...No Pain…NO PAIN!

And yet…

…no joy

An existence without:

The spark ignited

Love & Hate

The dancing flames

Rage & Ecstasy

The flickering embers

Joy & Sorrow

The smoldering coals


and Passion

Burning behind the eyes.

Just an empty hollow ache

Phantom pains stealing across the heart

After the amputation of emotion.

Neither living, nor dying.

Merely existing.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Heart Beat, Heart Beat; Breathe In, Breathe Out

Heart Beat, Heart Beat.

Is it enough

To exist and not feel?

The void encased in flesh

Purgatory before death

Is it enough?

Is It Enough?

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Heart Beat, Heart Beat…