jewelry box.

your kind words deceived me

your perfume intoxicated me

your tenderness convinced me

I gave you more than a kiss

can't you see?

I'm falling without netting

will you catch me?

I'm glaring one impasse

even though I wake up

you are there

being a dream

coming true....

the biggest gift is you

the biggest treasure is your love

the biggest mistake

it's not loving you back

can't you feel?

I'm shouting without voice

will you hear me?

I'm going on one impasse

even though I hide myself

you find my real

is it love?

coming true...

your eyes are my sapphires

(talking us)

your lips are my rubies

(kissing us)

your touch so pure like diamonds

(touching us)

the topaz color from your heart

(feeling us)

the emerald of our love

(loving us)