Hey guys….

I know it's been a LONG LONG time… but I'm finally back…. And I had a great idea for the plot for the Broken sequel, featuring Riley…. Had even started on the story, for you guys. But halfway through the first chapter, I realized that Riley's character did NOT fit the actions of the character I saw in the plot line…. So… I'm going to put this series on another hold while I work on another story. I will get back to it… it's just a matter of when.

Trust me, though, the new story will be just as nice, and hopefully a little less repetitive and unreal. Feel free to read it, I'm hoping to have the first chapter up within the week. I've missed Fictionpress an extraordinary amount, and all of you who reviewed so faithfully, and am eager to begin on a new story to occupy my summer time….

So, this is merely a bit of a memo to inform you of what's going on… and WHY I haven't started on the new sequel. XD You will be hearing more from me soon.


Lady Lynn