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Chapter one: Stephanomeria Virgata.

Kyle sighed as he stepped away from the wall he had just walked into. "Ow..."

A light laugh floated next to him, and he turned his head to see Heather trying to cover her happy mouth. "You alright there, Shanning?"

"Shut up."

He rubbed his head, pissed off at being sidetracked enough to actually hit it this time. Usually he caught himself, but no, today he'd managed to march right into the damn thing. It was all that Joey kids fault; that stupid dork who always passed him, walking to the English class they had together. He couldn't help himself! Every time Joey was near him he'd stop and stare. No, Kyle wasn't gay; that's disgusting. Gay people were sick, and he wasn't, nor would he ever be, part of the homosexual population.

The reason he couldn't help but gawk at the guy was because he dressed like such an idiot. Sometimes he'd wear normal male clothes and everything would be right in the world. Kyle never walked into any walls on those days. Usually, however, Joey would wear his twin sister's jeans, or shirt, or shoes, or jewelry, and then Kyle wouldn't be able to help it. It's just the car-crash effect. No one liked car wrecks, or at least sane people wouldn't wish for them to happen, but everyone stared at them. It was perfectly normal for Kyle to be totally unable to not stare Joey down like a hunk of meat every time he wore tight shirts.

He wasn't gay.

"Kyle?" Heather said, trying to snap him out of his head. "Stop staring at that wall, you big dork."

"It's pretty, I couldn't help myself," Kyle answered as he looked toward his friend, sarcasm filling his words, and an un-amused look dancing on his face.

"Oh, come on. We've got English." She turned and walked away from him, expecting him to follow. Normally he would have, but… Joey walked by again, forgetting something in his locker probably, and the expression in his brown eyes looked a little worried. Kyle's own eyes traveled down his messy longish blond hair, slid along his stripped orange and green shirt, white cuffed sleeves, and rested on his ass.

Heather turned around, smiling a little knowingly. "Kyle?"

He didn't hear her. He loved the way Joey's hair fell, light and blondish on his shoulders — not flippy like most of the other kids in his school — gracing over his left eye a little. He loved the way his belly wasn't perfectly flat. Loved how cute the little bit of, well, fat looked; it wasn't bulging out in huge rolls, but it stuck out a little and drove Kyle crazy.

"Kyle!" Heather's voice yelled again, and this time he heard it.

He blushed, mad and disgusted with himself. He was not gay. "Coming…" his voiced cracked a little, though he didn't think Heather caught it. Turning around he walked towards her, trying to clear his head. Joey flew by them though, and Kyle caught the faint smell of vanilla, relaxing and soothing, before kicking himself mentally. He wasn't gay. People didn't except gays. It was sickening, immoral, and just plain different.

Kyle didn't want to be different.

"Finally! For God's sake Kyle, stop spacing out all the time," she scolded him. Then, with a quick turn of her neck, Heather glared at a girl a few feet to their left. "Mind your own business, freak."

Said freak glared back. "Oh just shut up, Heather."

Heather whipped her red bangs from her face, not believing somebody had actually told her to shut up. "Excuse me?"

"I said shut up," the other girl retorted, lighthearted, knowing sounding like she didn't care would piss Heather off. She smiled at her as she walked past.

"Get the hell back here Lucy! And say that to my face!" Heather yelled, and Kyle just smiled on the inside, face keeping that I'm-better-than-you look. He had always thought that Lucy girl was all right, even if she was a complete loser. She dressed weird, acted weird, but she was interesting, he guessed.

Lucy just stuck out her tongue as she walked away, fixing her frilly black skirt as she went and pulling up her knee high socks.

Kyle nudged his friend in the ribs and nodded toward Lucy. "I think she's ignoring you, Heath."

"I hate her so much. Why can't she just die? Her and that twin of hers, what's his name?" Heather pushed some stray red hair from her face as she began, once again, heading toward their English class.

Though he didn't know much about the reason, Heather and Lucy had hated each other since the first grade. It had something to do with a play their class had put on that year, but he'd always been to scared to ask about it. Heather only saw red when Lucy's name was mentioned. She was sort of stuck on her high horse, or in a tower of righteousness, but he'd known he for most of his life. Despite being a little stuck up, she was a good friend with an amazing range for compassion.

"Joey, I think," Kyle answered, trying to say it thoughtlessly. Heather didn't reply, so he just kept quiet as he walked into class, easy strides carrying him to his usual seat. It was beside some girl he'd never really gotten to know all that well. Her name was Jacqueline, she was sixteen, and too crazy to be alive in his opinion.

"Kyle." Mrs. Cardinal's voice rang out over the quit murmur of chatting students. "Would you mind passing these out?" She held out a stack of what was probably homework.

"Sure." He got up from his seat and walked over to her. He took the papers, a melancholy look on his face. It became forced as he got closer to Joey and Lucy's shared desks, though. He could feel his cheeks heating up, and saw, out of the corner of his eye, Lucy whispering something to her twin, him shaking his head, saying something back quietly, and by the time he'd gotten to their table, Joey had turned and was looking straight into Kyle's dark green eyes, calm and collected.

Kyle glared at him.

"What?" He said as he slapped two of the sheets on the desk in front of him, looking anywhere but at the blond.

"I just couldn't help noticing what a pretty shade of green your eyes are," Joey said, smiling, and he just sounded so smooth that Kyle couldn't help looking straight at him.

Trying to keep his composure, he mumbled a quiet 'fuck you' before going to the next desk. But he was blushing. And why? Because of Joey? He barely talked to the kid! When he was done with the sheets, he walked slowly to his seat, hoping his cheeks were back to normal.

"My goodness Kyle, are you blushing?" Jacqueline asked, her French accent thick, and laughed slightly under her breath. "What did Monsieur Klein say to you then?"

Kyle gave her the most disdainful look he could give a person, but didn't answer her. Why should he?

"Oh come on now, tell me or I'll spoon your eyes out." She was still smiling; did hurting other people make her happy or something? Was she a masochists? He sighed; might as well just tell her. They'd done this a million times, and Kyle had decided that she could get anything out of anybody eventually. Be that because she threatened to kill him or that she was trustworthy, he wasn't sure.

"He said..." Kyle lowered his voice, "…I have pretty eyes."

Jacqueline laughed.

"Now class, as you've all been told numerous times, we're starting a new project tomorrow," Mrs. Cardinal spoke after she noticed Kyle sitting down, "The sheet in front of you has everything your project will need to have on it in order to pass," — she was overly thoughtful like that; most teachers would expect you to just remember everything — "It can be a report, a documentary, an experiment, whatever; be creative as you want with it. You have one month to finish it," she paused a second, searching her brain for something she may have left out.

"Oh! Also, you're in groups of five. And for you satisfaction, I picked them." The class groaned. "Yes yes, I know, it's the end of the world." She moved the sliding part of the chalk board out of the way and reviled a list of names.

"There they are, read them and get together with your group. This is kind of a free period, so talk about your project or don't." About half the class walked over to the board to read the list, succeeding only in getting in each others way. Kyle sat there, thinking them all stupid for getting excited over a dumb project.

When they all sat back down, Kyle got a clear view of the board. He looked around for his name, spotted it, and died a little inside.

Kyle, Lucy, Joey, Heather, Jacqueline: #5

Life hated him. It really really hated him.

Wait… why would it matter if he was in Joey's group? He knew he wasn't gay, that he didn't like other guys — and even if he did it wouldn't be Joey — so why would being in the same group with him be bad? It wasn't necessarily good, but it wasn't anything to cry over either. Besides the fact that most the people in his group were losers, the only bad thing was having to do this project.

At least that's what he was telling himself. But when Joey started walking over to him, guyish hips swaying a little, half his smile covered by blond hair, Kyle's breath hitched. Joey was just looking at him, arms down at his sides; it wasn't anything special, most of the world walked that way, but still, Kyle couldn't breath.

"My Kyle, I think you are drooling." Jacqueline so kindly put in, noticing his clouded eyes.

Kyle ran a hand through his wavy black hair, and tore his gaze from Joey's body, glaring at Jacqueline. "I'm not gay, Jacqueline."

"You sure?" Joey said, daring and smooth. Kyle turned his head to face him, and hopefully retort some snide comment and regain lost pride, but he found their lips only inches apart, and he wasn't really thinking much of anything with those brown eyes searching his own.

This was disgusting, revolting, fucking scary. Another guy was questioning his sexuality. He was about to clock the blond in the nose when Lucy walked over, pulling her brothers face away from Kyle's.

"Stop flirting, you retard. We've gotta talk about this project… thing." She ste one hand on her hip as the other continued to hold Joey back.

"I was not flirting!" He said, turning from the smooth talking calm teenager into some spastic fanboy. "And even if I was, what's it to you, huh?" He glared at her through a faint blush.

"Just sit down, you spaz. We need to get to work." Lucy grabbed two chairs behind her, one for Joey and one for her, and pulled them to the opposite ends of Jacqueline and Kyle's desks. She groaned when she saw Heather coming up, pushing her hair out of her face.

"Let's just get this over with. How long do we have to work on this stupid-ass project?" Heather asked, pulling a chair up to the right side of Kyle's desk, her blue eyes scoping out the four other teenagers like they were pieces of meat ready to be cooked.

"About a month…" Kyle mumbled, hating life at the moment. Joey's spilt personality was going to get very annoying over the next four weeks.

"Great." Jacqueline put in, pulling at a random curl in her brown and pink hair, bored. "Now we can speend all zat time togezher."

Heather looked at her like she had three heads. "What the hell is with your hair anyway? Its like, five different colours. That's so dorky."

Jacqueline was caught off guard by Heathers words, Kyle could tell, but she wasn't hurt. She could take an insult. But she bit her lip, and Kyle knew it was for the soul purpose of drawing some kind of reaction from Lucy.

And it did, or course. Lucy watched Jacqueline, her eyes filling with fake tears, and reached a hand out. Putting tension on her middle finger and thumb, she flicked the heathen in the face.

Kyle laughed a little.

"What was that for?" Heather stood up.

"Don't make fun of Jacky!" Lucy stood up too, eyes ridged, and would have probably pounced on Heather if Joey hadn't grabbed her shoulder and pulled her to sit down.

"Now who's the spaz, huh?" Joey whispered to his sister. Then he looked around at the four people sitting with him, sighing. "Okay, I know you two don't like our company very much." Heather glared at him. "…or at all, I guess. But, how about for one month, we all just get along? I mean, we don't have to like each other, but, come on, like four weeks is gonna kill us." His eyes were closed, moth flapping off, calm like always, but he sounded bored, maybe frustrated. Like his new team mates should already know what he was talking about.

Sure, Kyle could see where he was coming from. It would definitely benefit them all to suck it up and get along for a month. However, he couldn't get past the undeniable fact that Joey wanted it up the ass and therefore nothing he said really mattered. Let's just get alone? What grade did he think this was? He didn't even care that the five of them were from completely different social circles! Like life's that easy. He did look rather cute though, despite said crazy talk, sitting there lazily, happily… What the hell was wrong with his head? The thought of even breathing the same air as that dork should revolt and disgust him. Besides, Joey was a boy. Kyle didn't do boys.

Heather, Lucy, and Jacqueline nodded at each other, and Heather spoke for them. "Okay, I guess we can suck it up."

"Perfect." Joey smiled a little. It didn't make Kyle's heart jump. At all. "Any ideas?"

It was just because he'd never been this close to him. They'd been in the same school for years, they'd talked before, but Kyle had never been nearly nose-to-nose with the guy. That's why he felt so strange. Yeah.

"I say we half-ass it and grow plants or something," Heather said.

"I hate to admit it, but I agree with you, Heather, dearest." Lucy stuck tongue out at the heathen. "We could go find some weird exotic plants and see if they'll grow in our backyard or something."

Jacqueline pouted. Kyle found her jealousy annoying most of the time, but currently it was a great distraction from his libido. "Or we could get one type of foreign plant, and see if we can match its climate…"

"Wouldn't we need more than just one of the plant?" Lucy asked.

"Or we could–" Kyle started, suddenly thinking of something, but was cut off.

"Oh my, you can talk! I knew it." Joey grinned at him.

Kyle rolled his eyes, ignoring Joey's comment on his momentary anti-social-ness. "We could all get one plant each, and see who grows it the best."

"You mean like a contest?" Jacqueline asked, clearly intrigued by the suggestion of competition.

"...sure," Kyle answered. The look of determination in her eyes was actually rather frightening.

"That'd work, " Joey said, "But we'd have to meet up once in a while."

"What for?" Jacqueline asked, not sure where he was going.

"So we can see the difference in the plants." Kyle wished he would shut up.

"Good point. We'll need to copy down the changes and stuff. Once a week sound good to everybody?" No one shook their head, so Heather took it as a yes. "Good. Now all we need is a plant!"

"Oooh… Can it be a flower? Please?" Jacqueline begged, voice whiny, and annoying Heather.

"Sure Jacky, what kind?" Lucy asked, smiling, and completely buying in to Jacqueline's false sweetness.

"I dunno any…" She pouted, and Kyle could tell it was fake, just to get Lucy's attention. Why were girls always so crazy?

"Stephanomeria virgata," Joey piped in, not wanting some weird love scene between his sister and that brat she had something going on with. "It's called Benth too, grows somewhere in California, I think."

"I'm not even going to ask why you know that," Lucy said, laughing a little at him. "What does it look like, oh so obviously gay relative of mine?"

Kyle's heart didn't jump again. The confirmation of Joey's sexuality had no effect on him what-so-fucking-ever.

"Well… it's usually pink, and I'm no more gay then you are!" He leaned forward in his chair, crossing his arms on the desk in front of him, a witty look on his face. Kyle vaguely saw the chain of a necklace slip out of his shirt collar as he did so, wondering what it was…

"Not true. I'm bi, you've got the full blown homosexual vibes goin' on." Lucy stuck her tongue out at him, winning this little fight for the day. She grinned at Joey's completely dumbfounded expression; how stupid was he? To not see that coming…?

"You guys're weird," Heather said, bitchy like always, but maybe she was amused. Not that it mattered much, Joey didn't hear amusement.

"There's nothing wrong with being gay," Joey glared at her.

"I never said there–" she was cut off.

"Yes there is," Kyle said, his face vacant. "It's sick, disgusting, and just wrong," he got right into Joey's face, "And I don't think it should be allowed. All you fags should go to…" He couldn't finish. Joey looked really pissed. He'd expected sad, watery eyes, but no. Joey looked ready to kill him. Fuck, why did he care? He hated gays, he wasn't attracted to guys! Joey didn't mean anything to him. Nothing. The heartbroken look in his eyes wasn't effecting him at all… it wasn't.

"Oh, calm your hormones, Kyle," Heather said, sighing. "Your best friend's brother is gay, my aunt is gay — whatever. I know you don't mean that."

"Yes I do." Kyle didn't sound very sure if himself, because Joey still looked rather irked. Not that Kyle cared or anything, "It's–"

"Just shut up," Joey said, "I'll pick up the flowers on Saturday, alright?"

"Kyle'll go with you." Heather nudged her black haired friend, and Kyle wanted to kill her right now. "Because apparently he's a homophobe and, since that's stupid, he needs to get over it."

He didn't need to get over anything. The idea of two guys together was just gross. Why couldn't Heather understand that? And what did she care if he was a homophobe? It was better than being gay.

"I'm not going anywhere with him."

"Oh yes you are." Heather smiled at him. "Lucy and I have some shopping to do anyway, don't we Lucy?" Lucy shrugged and mumbled 'whatever.'

"I've got to watch my sister," Jacqueline said, pouting.

"That leaves you two to go pick up the seeds." The red head slapped her friend on the back, winking at him. She lowered her voice so no one could hear her except Kyle. "We'll talk about it later, huh?"