The assignment was 'If you were to go somewhere and not have any contact with anyone, what would you say?'. It didn't take long for most of the advanced placement philosophy class to assume that "somewhere" meant "death".

Regan Milligan turned on the video camera and sat down on the chair placed in front of it. She took a deep breath.

"Hey, Ceri," she started off with her little sister's name. "Um... I might be going somewhere and I just wanted to let you know some things. Firstly, it's probably Veronica Tan's fault. I don't care if you found me in Spain, China or Australia – Veronica probably did it. Tell the police to investigate her first. Secondly, you're going to get new nanny upon my 'dismissal'. Treat her right, and don't treat her anything like you treat me because this one might be English and we all know those women know how to discipline a kid. Thirdly, when you get your first kiss, don't expect much. In fact, it would probably be best to just close your eyes and think of something completely different. Chocolate mousse maybe, because then all the squishiness would have a reason in your daydream. Um... that's it!" She gave a small wave to the camera. "I'll see you when I see you."

Veronica Tan positioned the camera accordingly and moved around to sit in the chair. Once seated, she sighed heavily and looked at the ceiling.

Looking back at the camera, she proceeded to start off her "living will" in Mandarin – very, very bad Mandarin.

Hannah Caspit turned on the camera and quickly ran to sit in the chair.

"Huh," she huffed. "Drama, drama, drama. Anyways, I wanted to tell my sister Sammy that, if I should ever go somewhere, that she gets first pick out of everything I own. Second pick goes to Tammy Wheeler, and third pick to whoever's left. Mom, Dad, I love you but you bug me. Do that less. Bye!"

Cissy Dempsey sat in front of the video camera nonchalantly and simply stared at it for a moment.

"All my stuff goes to Chuck. If you guys have even noticed I'm gone yet." She sat up and turned the videocamera off.

Three days later, one of them really was gone.
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