The clock struck midnight, as the moonlight shines through her bedroom.

In it beautiful radiant stood a guy dressed completely in black.

His hair and eyes vibrant with the moonlight…

Suddenly the girl felt a shiver of coldness awaken her.

She slowly opened her eyes, noticing his smile that made her feel nervous.

He quickly covers her mouth before her scream could echo about the room.

Listening to her muffle cry, insisting he let's her go.

He leaned closer, whispering he has no intense of harming her.

His eyes blazed at her; calming her down.

She blinked her eyes, confused with his motive as he removed his hand.

Apologizing as he embraced her within his arms.

His debonair appearance left her in silence.

Embracing her tighter, he laid a finger on her forehead.

The glow from his eyes had sent shiver through her body.

She couldn't escape his grasp, fallen deep into his mind.

A pairs of white wing had spread around her.

He released her from the darkness and into the sun.

She collapsed in his arms; laying her down.

Just smiling, he kissed her soft lip; strand of his hair covered his eyes.

Returning her soul toward her dream…

He didn't mean to leave her drowsy, simply to check her dreams, and protect her.

Within she had fallen in love with the angel of dream.