The clock hit midnight

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Well I never saw it coming
I should have started running
A long, long time agooo!
And I never thought I'd doubt you
I'm better off without you
More than you, more than you know
I'm slowly getting closure
I guess it's really over
I'm finally gettin' better
Now I'm picking up the pieces
From spending all of these years
Putting my heart back together
'Cause the day I thought I'd never get through
I got over you!!

Over you by Chris Daughtry


" Sierra, please, try to fight the darkness. I know it not your fault. You have to believe in yourself, find the happiness within your heart..."

The tint in Sierra eyes was faded, like a shadow of darkness had cast a sorrowful pain.

" You can do it, Sierra. I known from the start don't give into the darkness." Damon whispered as he went back to fighting.

Sierra stared at the night sky and noticed a tiny star shining bright. " Happiness..." She sat there remembering the happiness in her life.

" My mom and dad I had loved with all my heart I loved with all my heart. When I was started school, I was scare, but my parent always made me feel better."

" Try all you want, Sierra. Your in the world of darkness and pain." The shadow crawled under her and pinned her to a tree, behind her.

" Happiness..."

Damon looked down and notices what had happen, and rushed down to save her. Before he could reach Sierra, the shadow produced a barrier around her.

" Let her go!" Damon shouted attacking the shadow.

" No! She give me her sorrow and I give her darkness."

" How can you play with her mind?" Cassidy asked.

" You human are weak in your emotion, especially the grief death of a love one. The delicious smell of despairs. That your mortal weakness will leave you vulnerable to destroy."

" You bastard!" Damon growled pulling out his sword.

" HA! HA! You see your angry feed me, as well."

" Damon! Calm down." Cassidy said.

" Cassidy," Damon replied.

" If we're not careful he'll feed off our energy. The same way he's feeding off of her."

Damon looked at Sierra with a concern expression. " Sierra, please, fight the darkness. I don't want to lose you."

Sierra continued telling about her past.

" I always told my parents everything that went on in my life. We shared a special bond that kept everyone smiling. When I was a little kid. I use to make cookies and all type of holiday treat with my mom. I always enjoy licking the frosting off the spatula. Making a mess of myself, but mom's always cleaned me up."

Damon pulled out his sword as he attack the main shadows leader. Cassidy also helped Damon by fighting off the other shadows.

" My dad was famous jazz player. I always enjoy seeing my dad play the saxophone. The way he played was like music to my soul." Sierra regain a little of her happiness.

" Wind Fang!" Damon said as he continued fighting off the shadow.

" Ice Crystal!" Cassidy yelled noticing the shadows disappearing. " Damon it's working."

" What going on? How dare you destroy my darkness? I need more darkness." The shadows went after Sierra.

" Sierra!" Damon try reaching for her, yet the other shadows blocked him from rescuing her.

" Your life is felt with darkness. Surrender yourself and be lost forever in your pain." The shadows whisper into Sierra mind.

" Stop it..." Sierra mumbles. " Get out of my head."

" Remember the pain and sorrow over losing your parents."

" SIERRA! Don't listen to him. I believe in you! You can fight him." Damon shouted.

" Years later I found myself becoming independence. Sometime I would spend little time with my parents. Once I started high school I became a different person. I was more involved with the swimming team, party and shopping with my friends."

Sierra continued confession her happiness, the barrier around her was slowly weaken.

" Damon the barrier is weakening. Hurry!" Cassidy said.

" Right," Damon went inside the barrier.

" You'll have to get pass me." The shadow said, blocking Damon from getting near Sierra.

" Slicing..."

" Damon remembers you have to protect Sierra."

' Ha! Ha! Ha! It's no use. As longs her heart penitential. Her sadness will continue making me stronger."

" I have to continued..."

" Damon. She about to release the pain, that has her in a sorrow position."

" Cassidy does she have to..."

" Yes! Its the only way for her to forgive herself."

Damon stared at Sierra, knowing Cassidy was right. She has to fight her pain or else it'll be all over.

" I started my senior years. During my senior years I wanted to become the time of my life. During September swim match I was going against a tough opponent. Sometime I would beat her, yet mostly she was the leading gold-metal winner."

" Give it up!" The shadow yelled fighting Damon.

" Never!" Damon shouted as he fought the shadow. " I won't let you have her."

" I thought everything in my life was normal. It was the beginning of October. My friends were having the party of the year. I wanted to go, so badly. But my parents wouldn't let me. They wouldn't let me go because I was failing pre-calculus. I was completely furious. I told my parent: I hated them. The moment they left for dinner. I never saw them, again." Sierra said as tear ran down her cheeks. " I never got to tell them, I'm sorry."

" Yes, the pain is sorrowful." The shadow laughed, splitting into double. " This is what I like about you human."

" You bastard," Damon yelled.

" Now I will regain my true form." The shadow began draining Sierra energy. Soon the leader of the shadow grew bigger.

" No! Sierra!" Damon shouted with angry as he began destroying the shadows.

" You fool! I told you. No one can save her."

" Sierra, please, please, please." Damon pleaded. " Fight the darkness. I believe you."

" What should I do?" Sierra whispered.

" Believe in your heart. I know you can do fight the darkness. Believe." Damon said.

" Believe..." Sierra thought as tears dropped into the ground.

" Now I'm stronger and will gather more darkness."

" Sierra, Sierra, Sierra." A familiar voice echoed though her mind.

" That voice," Sierra gasped noticing two figures shining. " Mom... Dad..."

" Sierra you friend is right. We never blamed you for are death." Sierra mom said.

" She's right. Sierra we loved you with all are heart. You were the light in are heart. We would have gave are live to protect you." Sierra dad said.

Damon looked up from fighting and noticed Sierra parents.

" Believe," he whispered as he continued fighting the shadow.

" Freeze Arrow!" Cassidy yelled.

" Sierra, we hate seeing you in pain. That why we came back to talk with you."

" But... I told you two: I hated you." say Sierra.

" Sierra we're your parents and we still loved you." Sierra mother said.

" Forgive yourself, sweetie. We want you to be happy, again." Sierra father said as her parents began fading.

" Mom! Dad!" Sierra yelled. " Don't leave me."

" We still love you, Sierra." Both her parents vanished.

" I'm sorry," Sierra whispered, looking at the sky. " MOM! DAD! I'm sorry! Will you forgive me?"

" We always do, Sierra. We forgive you." Both her parents said, as the voice faded into the windy night.

" Thank you," Sierra cried as she slowly stood on her feet.

" No! What are you doing?" The shadow yelled. " Remember your parents died because of you."

" That isn't true. My parent loved me and never hated me." Sierra muttered, struggling to fight the darkness.

" She fighting back," Cassidy said.

" Yes! Sierra believed in your heart." Damon said.

" I let you play with my emotion, long enough. I been blaming myself, when I should have been forgiven myself."

" What!" The shadow shouted.

" I'm done. I'm tired of running away." Sierra slowly moved forward. " I picking up the broken pieces in my heart and placing them back together."

" How can you do this to me?" The shadow asked. " I welcomed you to darkness and pain."

" Darkness is not me I won't suffer anymore. I'm going to face my pain. No matter, what happen, I'll be happy" Suddenly a light began shining around Sierra.

" Could she be...the angel of hope," Damon thought.

" Yeah. Everyone has pain and suffering. But we have to get over the pain. Not let pain bring us down." Sierra cloth began looking more like the angel of dreams. " I won't run away! I going to fight and be happy again."

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