Where do we go from here? Tell me where

The chains are falling off one by one

But I have no idea what freedom is like

Each dawn holds the same promise

Each night just another gateway to dreaming

Only this day I am on my own

To stand on my own two feet and

To catch myself when I begin to fall

This world is so big I can only imagine

How I shall spend the rest of my life

No one is going to hold my hand

I dare anyone to try and order me about

Sometimes when my mind is wandering

I see my own version of paradise

It slips in and out of focus when I concentrate

Is this the way it will always be

My future so vague and unclear I can't

Even begin to make out what lies ahead

If I glance back at my old life I will see

A darkness filled with forgotten memories

There is no going back anymore only ahead

I may trip and fall over my own weakness

But no chains shall bind me close

No cages shall bar my passing by

Though I will be lost and lonely sometimes

There is nothing for me but what I make

Where do I go from here? Nowhere back there