Experiment XYP47: Tomika


In the year of 2206 a woman named Nicole Thomas, became a professor and a scientist. She loved science and working with it. Robots were also created this year, none looked right to Nicole, though. They looked out of style and not so realistic. These robots needed to be oiled everyday, and Nicole did not like that at all. These days, only rich people had this type of technology; oil may have been cheap, but buying it everyday wasn't so cheap. Robots talked in beeps, meaning that if you were to get a robot you would have to learn the language as well.

To Nicole, this was too much just to get a robot. After her experiences of building computers when she was in her teens, helping in the making of iPods when she was a college, and also inventing the first hologram that could be touchable. Nicole was famous and only twenty-five years of age. Her main goal was to make a robot that was better than all before any other scientist could and after that invention she would invent an aging medicine that stopped you from getting older, because she planned on living forever. She feared death, and never wanted to confront it.

After five years of planning and failing, Nicole made a robot that looked completely like a human. She gathered up her colleges from a few years back and showed them her creation proudly.

"But Professor, are you sure this will work?" a college asked, looking over the girl robot that looked to be the age of about fifteen. The robot looked like Nicole did when she was fifteen -- dark brown eyes, tan skin, brown hair that shined in the sunlight, but the only thing that was different was her smile because Nicole had Dentingenesis Imperfecta; a teeth disease that would always run in the family. Nicole didn't have a child because of this disease. She didn't want her child to go through the pain of her teeth getting pulled out and getting fake ones in. That's why she wanted to build a robot for her self, but first she wanted to give this robot to some other family and keep in touch with them, because she thought she didn't have the potential to own a child yet.

"I'm sure it'll work…" Nicole replied, thinking it wouldn't.

"You'd think she would give up after forty-six tries…" another college whispered to the robot.

"I heard that…" Nicole mumbled as she checked every millimeter of the robot's inside and out.

"Professor… Is this skin-like material really skin?" a girl said, prodding and feeling the skin of the robot.

Nicole shook her head. "Stand back kids… And get ready for the best robot ever!"

All the colleges sighed and mumbled words that showed low confidence in this experiment. "Wait! Professor, Professor, I must ask you one question!" a small college yelled from the back of the crowd. The professor stopped dramatically nearing the "on" button and looked over in confusion. The college pushed his way to the front of the crowd and asked, "Why keep trying? You've failed forty-six times already… Why Professor? Why?"

Nicole's confused look then turned to anger… Why? Who would ask such a stupid question? Is all that went through her head. "Boy, look me in the eye. Do you see that serious look?" Nicole questioned as the boy nodded in response, shivering in fear. "Where do you suppose we got our light bulbs? Thomas Edison. Now, do you think he gave up after his forty-sixth try? I don't think so… And where do you suppose we got our holograms? I created the touchable ones, but without the creator that tried over a thousandtimes. Did he give up?! I don't think so. Now, boy, think of all the inventors, did they give up after failing forty-six times?!You think I should?" Nicole continued, a vein starting to pop out of her forehead.

"No ma'am..." the small college said, backing up into the crowd.

Nicole turned back to the robot, nearing the "on" button. She closed her eyes and pressed it, expecting a big BOOM! All the colleges flinched as the professor turned on the robot. No sound. Nothing. Nicole opened an eye, looking at the robot that was now sitting up and looking at her creator. "E- E- Experiment XYP47... I now name you… Tomika Temple," Nicole spoke to the robot, "Do you understand?"

"Yes, mother," Tomika replied.

"Amazing…" All the colleges gasped.

"No beeps… No metal showing… And she will naturally grow without change in body parts or controls… Completely human-like…" Nicole said to herself, handing Tomika some food and water and watching her eat without giving off a shock or having an error. "She's perfect."

After an hour of staring and talking to Tomika, Professor Thomas decided to call Tomika's parents. It was arranged, Nicole would deliver her robot to the Temples' house personally. "Okay, my little colleges, I have erase Tomika's memory, so she doesn't know she's a robot and take her to her home," Nicole said, pushing the "off" button for the girl robot and plugging her into a brain washing machine. The machine wasn't created by Nicole, but it did its job well, it erased the last hour in just a minute. All the colleges went home, happy for their Professor. Nicole packed the teenage robot into a special case that was silver on the outside and filled with cushioning on the inside.

Professor Thomas packed the case into her car and started her way to the Temples' house, thinking of herteenage girlgrowing up with this family. The joy that Tomika will bring to this family.